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Windy windy windy today! (Well, it was a few hours ago when I wrote that)

Perhaps that will help offset the fact that the high is supposed to be 97. (Except it won't, because the wind stopped)

I'm suffering from "I want coffee but I've had too much lately" disease.

I want to walk to the library, but it is already 90 out, and walking tends to both be hotter and take longer than biking.

Need to do something about ansible one of these days. Been putting that off because I hate the idea of complaining about something that was being provided for free, but at the very least I need to do something about email forwarding/bouncing so that people stop sending email thinking it's getting to me when it isn't.

Mmm... so want to be snarky, but I'll resist.
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This morning I was making tea for myself and Leif. I tossed in some turbanado sugar (the brown, less processed type - the same kind as you get from "Sugar In The Raw" packets). I tried a sip of Leif's, and it wasn't very sweet, so I put a few more spoonfulls in mine. It still wasn't really noticably sweeter.

Leif decided he didn't like the tea, so I made him some juice instead in the same cup. A few minutes later he spilled it, and some sort of weird grainy stuff spilled across the table along with the juice.

It seems the turbanado sugar was actually couscous or something. There was a nice big sludge of it at the bottom of my cup. Unfortunately, cooking it in tea didn't make it taste particularly good, or I'd have had a nice breakfast.
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In an attempt to avoid re-developing a caffeine addiction, I try to have caffinated drinks no more than every other day. But man, it's hard to make coffee for someone else on a day you know you shouldn't have any.
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I don't feel like updating.

Leif and I are visiting at my mom's house. The keyboard sucks, so please excuse any typos I don't correct.

We're supposed to go to San Diego tomorrow, but my mom is sick, so I'm not sure we'll make it.

I wonder if Leif is weaning. I can count the times he's nursed since we left early Tuesday morning on one hand, and he actually didn't want to nurse before his nap this afternoon, and fell asleep on his own, which I don't think he's ever done when he was with me and not in some form of transportation (car, stroller, baby carrier, whatever). It's possible that he has certain associations that were broken by going someplaces else.

I went out on my own this afternoon. I went to a coffee shop and drank a latte and ate a sandwich and finished my book. Then I wandered around stores and a library. Whoo. I saw the oddest thing in a women's clothing boutique - a fleece spaghetti strap tank top. Huh?

Leif is currently watching Finding Nemo, and seems to want me to come over and hold him, so I suppose I will do that.
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Yay, the new version of LiveWidget fixes the brokenness. Now it works again!

This is basically a test post to make sure it's really truly working.

Leif just shared my espresso with me (ETA: I realized how bad this sounds. By "shared", I mean he had a few tiny sips, not that he drank half of it). Then he passed out, even though it's several hours earlier than he usually goes down for a nap. No clue if the two are related, but coffee always made me sleepy when I was a kid. It's not like he had that much, though. Just a few little sips.

Actually, now that I think about it, a nap at this time isn't all that unusual on days when he doesn't have an activity in the morning.

It's good that he's napping now, though. Means we can go out and do something this afternoon. We need to get to the store, but after that I may take us for a nice long bike ride. We haven't been doing more than short, necessary trips lately because of the weather, and I'm feeling like I'm not getting enough exercise.
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Leif is out of the house for at least the next three hours, regardless of whether I get called in for the doula thing or not.

I can:

A. Clean
B. Take a load to the consignment store
C. Go to Borders, get a drink, sit in a comfy chair and read a book ALL BY MYSELF!

If I knew I had the next three hours free, I'd do A and B first, but I could be called in at any time. I should be good, but it's soooo tempting. This feels like a once in a lifetime opportunity.

I think minor cleaning and then Borders is going to win.
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If I wasn't an honest person, we'd be over $200 richer.

I found myself in Safeway today (they have carts with ride-in toddler cars attached to the front - seemed a good way to entertain Leif for a while), and decided to get a pumpkin. Apparently when you buy a pumpkin, you get a coupon for a free pumpkin spice latte. While digging my coupon out of the cash register drawer, she removed some large bills along with it. Then she tried to give them to me as change. I explained that I had overpayed by less than a dollar, not with a $500 dollar bill, and that I'd already received my change from the little coin dispenser.

It was very bizarre. Who finds themselves with several hundred dollars in their hand, and tries to give it to the customer as change? For that matter, do I really look like the type of customer who would accidently forget several hundred dollars worth of change?

On second thought, I probably do look that absent-minded enough at least.

Oh well. I still get free caffeine.
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We rode to Dixon yesterday, which is about 8.5 miles one way by freeway, more like 12 by bike, since it's a lot less direct. It's a nice ride, with bike lanes the whole way, and most of it through farmland. The ride there had a horrible headwind, and wasn't a whole lot of fun. The ride back, with a tailwind, took maybe half as long!

We went to Java California, which is heaven for parents of toddlers who loved hanging out in coffee shops in their pre-kid life. It has a children's playroom! Too bad it isn't in Davis, except not really, because if it were in Davis it would be jam-packed. As it is, it's only jam-packed after about 10 or 11, when all the coffee shops in Davis close up (it's open 24 hours).

On the way back, my front tire went flat, but we were all prepared this time.

Now I have a sunburn. This doesn't usually happen to me these days, but every once in a while we go out in the middle of the day and I end up getting red. I was planning to take Leif swimming today, since we're going to the swimming pool park anyways for a bbq, but now I think that might not be a bright idea. Maybe if I wear a long-sleeved shirt over my suit... we wouldn't be there during peak sun hours.
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Today we discovered something wonderful and dangerous - a non-Starbuck's coffee shop a few blocks from our apartment (no offense to the Starbuck's employees reading this, but we haven't had much else since we moved. They virtually have a monopoly around here. It gets old.) They have free wireless and McVity's digestives. Dangerous.

I'm here now, trying to write this on my palm (pilot, not hand). Leif is sitting on the floor flirting with everyone.

I made a baby carrier the other day, based on these directions (which I hesitate to link, as I'm considering selling them at some point, and it's really quite simple to make. I'm not experienced at sewing, and I managed). I love it. It distributes the weight much better than the sling. This is just the beta version, which is too bad, since I really like how it looks. The shoulder straps are at a bad angle though, so they don't distribute the weight across the strap. I might also do the padding differently, though I'm not sure how. We also plan to make the waistband out of cotton webbing, with buckles, so it is easier to tighten and get on and off (right now it ties)

Even though it isn't perfect, I still managed to carry Leif for quite a while yesterday and today. With the sling, my back would have been killing me. Leif seems to like it about as well as the sling - he's either happy, grumpy because he's tired, or asleep.
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If any of you with babies or toddlers are interested in beta testing, comment or email me.

Leif is so smart. We have a monitor sitting on the floor, waiting to be moved somewhere. It had a magazine sitting on top of it. Being the paper-lover that he is, he reached for it, and knocked it down behind the monitor. He crawled around to the other side to get it!

Oh yeah, he's crawling now :) He has a very funny crawl, putting one foot flat on the ground and pushing off, then repeating with the other foot. We think he really wants to walk more than crawl, and this is the closest compromise. Or it could just be that he hasn't figured out the best way to manage it yet - he's only been really crawling for about 3 days.
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My grandparents watched Leif this evening while I went out all by myself for the first time since he was born.

I got some ice cream (tiramisu with cookie dough mixed in), and then went to my old karate studio and watched through the window for a few minutes. That always makes me feel guilty. If I had stuck with it, I'd probably be a black belt by now. Of course, I couldn't have stuck with the exact same style, since there was no studio for it anywhere reasonably near Davis, but that's beside the point.

I planned to go to Cafe 1134 and read, but it was way too crowded. I probably should have waited a few minutes - a play was starting at the theater next door in a little bit, which probably would have cleared out some of the people. I was impatient though, so I headed down to Starbucks. That made me feel dumb - the only coffee shops anywhere near us in Virginia are Starbucks, so we go there all the time. I should be doing something that I can't do back there, not sitting around in a cookie-cutter coffee shop drinking a drink that tastes exactly the same as it does at any other Starbucks.

They had a couch though, so it wasn't a complete waste.

My grandparents called maybe an hour and a half after I left, after Leif had been inconsolable for half an hour. Apparently he was great up until he started to get sleepy, and then he realized Mom wasn't around to feed him. Poor guy.

I've heard people say how much they miss their babies when they go out. I didn't miss him, really. It was too nice being out on my own. It just felt weird. If I ran into anyone I knew, they wouldn't know I was a mom. And I felt guilty and worried for leaving him there, knowing he'd probably get upset. [livejournal.com profile] koyote and I left him with my mom and dad on three occasions during this trip, and he'd always ended up not being terribly happy.

Anyways, I got back to my grandparents', and he stopped crying pretty much immediately, though he continued making little hiccupy sniffles every so often while he nursed. Then he fell asleep harder than I've ever seen - I managed to get him back to my Dad's (next door, so not exactly far), and upstairs to bed without him waking up, and I wasn't exactly graceful about it. He usually wakes up if I carry him from the living room to the bedroom.

Poor baby. I don't think I'll try that again for a while - I'm not sure I could get any enjoyment out of it until he gets old enough to deal better.

We went to the zoo this afternoon. He woke up just in time to see the orangutans. One was rolling around the exhibit, and rolled right up to the glass and started making faces against it. I stood Leif up near the glass, and he and the orangutan were just fascinated with eachother. It was fun to watch.
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I accidently did the caffeine thing again.

Must remember that "Energy Drink" means caffinated these days.

My next door neighbors are odd. The only reason I know they exist is because they have loud sex. I never see/hear them any other time.
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A friend gave us these cartons of Mocha Coffee.

They contain a warning label: "NOT TO BE USED AS AN INFANT FORMULA"

Damn. I thought we'd get the little guy started early...
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For my birthday I took a nap instead of getting things done (mistake 1), went out for sushi, hung out at Border's where I drank a white mocha frappacchino type thing (mistake 2), and then went home and ate mud pie ice cream, a family tradition (mistake 3).

See, the problem is that I don't think of things like ice cream as containing caffeine, even if they do.

Anyways, the combination of nap and caffeine has led to insomnia. Thankfully, it doesn't seem to have had that effect on Leif. He and [livejournal.com profile] koyote are snoring away in the bedroom.

The good side of this is that I'm getting the stuff done that I'd skipped during my brief foray into hedonism. Except technology is out to thwart me. The Apple website is broken (I'm trying to register for AppleCare). The Verizon bill paying website is broken. My bank's website is doing nightly maintenance. What's with that?

How cute. Every time I look in on them, Leif's scooted a little closer to [livejournal.com profile] koyote. He's such a snugglebug. And still sound asleep, thankfully.

Now I screwed up my Advantage order. Grr. Perhaps this is a sign I need to sleep instead of trying to get stuff done.

My goals for today:

  • Empty all trash cans and take bags out to the dumpster
  • Empty the dishwasher
  • Get Advantage order fixed
  • Find Leif's birth paperwork
  • At least 1 load of laundry
  • 15 minutes of thank you note/email writing
  • One discussion board post for each class
  • Pay Verizon bill
  • Remind [livejournal.com profile] koyote about smarttag

I'm going through the file where I keep people's contact info, clearing out the entries I know are out of date. It's amazing how many entries I have for some people. I have a ton for [livejournal.com profile] msa, [livejournal.com profile] zenshadow, [livejournal.com profile] funjon, Remington, and oddly enough, RaZZoR. I think [livejournal.com profile] msa wins, though. Interestingly, [livejournal.com profile] gdmusumeci is the oldest entry in the file, even though I didn't actually know him at the time.

Now Leif had awakened and is eating. Hopefully afterwards he will go back to sleep.
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...who probably already knows this all already :)

Tonight [livejournal.com profile] koyote and I went to see "The Truth About Charlie" (which is really quite an entertaining movie).

One of the previews was for "Antwone Fisher", a new movie directed by Denzel Washington.

Somewhere along the way, I began to recognize the scenery. The thing was filmed (at least partially) in Coronado (where I grew up)!

Interestingly, I managed to recognize it based on God knows what before anything I actually consciously recognized anything.

Apparently Denzel has an apartment/office/whatever on 1st St., right across from one of the places I thought I recognized.

*bounce* I want to see this movie.

In further news, Starbucks does not yet have Gingerbread Lattes. My life is not yet complete.
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Caffeine turns Jessica into Miss Hyperfocus.

This will come as no huge revelation to most of you caffeine/crack/ritalin addicts out there, who devour 5 million cans of Mountain Dew on a daily basis in an attempt to maintain the necessary level of functioning. It isn't even a revelation to me, since I have experienced it on many occasions before. However, since I am in a caffinated state right now, I decided I may as well write about it.

After having the equivalent of a quadruple espresso at lunch, I proceeded to write documentation all afternoon. This is not something I usually do, as I am not usually quite that caffinated. For some reason, when caffinated, futzing around on the web and wasting time becomes exceedingly uninteresting, and dumping brain into text becomes completely absorbing.

Now I think I will recopy a short story into digital for ease of editing. This is another thing which I would never do if mundane tasks did not suddenly seem fascinating.

It's a bit unfortunate that this state cannot be replicated on a regular basis without increasing the dosage of caffeine. If it could, I could quit within a month without them ever bothering me for information that only I know and without feeling the least bit guilty about leaving them in a lurch.

Perhaps learning self-hypnosis would help.


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