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We are giggling like 12 year olds at the medical education supply manual.

You would too. Think of a medical procedure, they have a "lifelike" model for it. Complete with detachable penises.

I don't know if I could be a medical student - I'd laugh too hard.
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Yesterday, I told someone on my friends list that I needed to seriously look into bipolar meds if I posted a certain meme (take a wild guess).

I'm so bored (or something) I'm getting tempted.

Psychiatry for everyone!

And I was just congratulating myself a bit ago on not being Posty McPosterson today...

(Reminder to self: http://www.sacbrowncoats.com/SerenityNow.htm)
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I just wrote a post about the internal angst-filter I've developed over the past few years, but it was stupid, so my internal angst filter deleted it. Whoo!
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I'm sure that this is no huge political insight, but it strikes me that a candidate who hopes to steal votes from Bush cannot come out strongly in favor of gay marriage. The votes in question this selection are the conservative votes. The liberals are going to vote against Bush regardless.

My conspiracy theorist side even suspects that the election year timing of this gay marriage uprising is a purposeful attempt to polarize the population. It's sad that the issue of people loving eachother could overshadow declaring war under false pretenses, but it's entirely plausible.
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A friend on one of my mailing lists is having (well, hopefully has already had) twins. She went in yesterday morning for a c-section. We haven't heard anything yet, though she said her husband would be able to get word to us quickly, since he works at the hospital, and his office is just one floor up.

We haven't heard anything yet. No update on the website, either.

After my own email announcement fiasco, I shouldn't be worried, but I am.
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Racoons and lemurs look too much alike. I can't think of a way to make a lemur costume that won't be mistaken for a racoon.


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