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Thanks primarily to [livejournal.com profile] telemicus and [livejournal.com profile] essara_lemuroid, we now have enough 0-3 and 3-6 month clothing to last us... well... 6 months or so :) I don't think Leif had this much clothing!

And enough newborn disposable diapers to last a little while (I'm thinking 3 days, despite the fact that they take up a good half our under-sink cabinet).

It's so nice to know we wouldn't have to run out and buy anything if baby were to show up soon. Except wipes. Need a pack of those.

I feel quite content right now.

And I'm excited about the idea of passing it all on to someone else when we're done with it so that they may experience the same joy of not worrying about where the money for baby stuff is going to come from :)

(Part of me has a hard time letting go, and fears we won't be this lucky should another baby come along. But storage is trouble and I'm not really planning another in the immediate future (I'm thinking no more AT LEAST until Leif is out of a car seat and baby is good and potty learned and all that (not that Leif is all that far from 100% (and nested parenthesis are love))) and "give and ye shall receive"/karma/all that type of stuff.)

DSL is really truly supposed to work tomorrow. We'll see about that.
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If I keep posting that I think baby is going to show up soon, perhaps I can Murphy it into staying put longer.

I'm not ready yet. Not that another 2 or 4 or 6 weeks is likely to make a big difference there.

I had a contraction walking around today, and it totally felt like baby was going to fall out right then and there. Totally painless, though.

If I have a baby in the middle of IKEA, do you think they'll give us free stuff?
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In the ongoing saga of stolen bike stuff... I found a bike light, sans mount, only to discover that the mount that used to be on my bike has disappeared in the months since the light was stolen.

This is more than a little frustrating. Oh well. After tonight we will have somewhere nice and private to park bikes and stuff.
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Craigslist amuses the heck out of me right now - tons of people trying to sell stuff off before they move. 90% or so of the leases in Davis run early September to the end of August, so the end of August is always an insane mess of people trying to get rid of their stuff.

I've done the frantic trying to sell off furniture before moving and have sympathy, but in August it's just silly. Who in their right mind is going to pay $60 for a twin mattress when you can go out to any apartment complex and find a half dozen perfectly decent ones lined up by the dumpster for free, or go to Ikea and get a new one for $70?

I suppose it's worth a try, but they'd probably have better luck trying for $15 or something. Maybe they plan to go down later in the week.

Just because I can...

[Poll #808332]
Disclaimers: I can see your individual answers, but no one else can. Poll options do not necessarily represent items I have personally taken from dumpsters. Obviously, your answer to the last three questions is not going to be the same for all items - just answer whatever your answer would be for most items. Please feel free to expand on any answers in comments.
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Freecycle irritates me. Its a great idea in theory, but ends up being a contest of who has the fastest mail server.

Freecycle etiquette (written or unwritten) says you aren't supposed to post a huge list of wants, and people who ask for things are generally looked down upon.

To some extent, I can understand. It could totally turn into an overwhelming gimme-fest without some sort of social controls in place.

On the other - it's Musical Apartments season in Davis, and I have a big list of stuff that we're going to need, most of which I know is going to be thrown out by someone or other between now and August 31. I can play Freecycle roulette and try to respond quickly whenever something I need happens to come up (I'm in a good position for this, seeing as everything comes straight to my phone. It still hasn't helped so far), or I can ride all over Davis while 32 weeks pregnant (or waste gas driving) and hope I'm first at the lucky dumpster (actually, I'll do this regardless because I like riding around :) But I don't have quite the energy for huge marathon runs). Or I can post a big list of wants and we can arrange things in a nice calm orderly fashion, with no wasted effort on either end.

I think I will suggest to the list maintainer that he declare a temporary open season on want lists. I really think it would simplify things for everyone with so many people moving.

Cases in point as far as throwing things out goes... [livejournal.com profile] silkensteel found a complete Ikea loft bed frame that retails for $150, in good condition, yesterday. I've seen no less than 5 apartment-style washing machines, many much nicer than the one we had. Not nearly as big a score, but still cool and really needed... I found a small trifold futon this evening that will work perfectly as a temporary, and possibly even longer term, bed for Leif. And that's all with really casual looking.

I'd love to get everything we need secondhand, and not just from a money perspective. If people gave us secondhand presents I'd be at least as happy as if they were new. It's just better for everyone.
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I have a question that may well be unique in all of human history.

What the heck do you do when your husband offers to take a bestselling author dumpster diving (and expects you to come along), and said author is likely to actually take him up on it?
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Moving time in Davis is just crazy.

We just got a sink-hookup washing machine that someone left out by the dumpster. We're running a load now, and it appears to work. At first we didn't think it would hook up to the bathroom sink, but it appears to do so just fine!

If there is any one thing that would make our lives easier, a faucet hookup washing machine is it, as we had no washing machine or washer/dryer hookups, and we've been doing laundry in the tub to avoid the hassle and expense of a laundromat (yes, it is actually less hassle to wash by hand than to go to the laundromat). We were going to get this (the top one) when we had a spare $50, and while that is still probably the morally/environmentally superior option, now we don't have to. Yay :) Still something good to keep in mind if/when we do the boat thing again, though.

Some nice guy saw us looking at it and trying to figure out how to transport it in our bike trailer, and drove it to us in his pickup truck.

It needs a ton of exterior cleaning, but wow, this made my month. We can do laundry at home, with little effort! We can start using cloth diapers more often again! As an added bonus, it should be easy to get it to drain into a bucket so we can use the greywater for watering.

Dumpsters good. Stuff like this makes me feel somewhat less weird about dumpster diving for fun and profit.
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I possess a comfy chair from the Trashcan of Treasures. [livejournal.com profile] koyote obtained a quite decent bike, as well. Presumably from the same people, since they showed up at the same time, and were sitting right next to eachother.

There was a round table also, but we did not want that.

Davis is great that way. People just throw things away when they leave. Silly people. We'll get a decent profit from the bike, since we'll be able to sell either it or one of the other bikes (depending on which of them work best for our purposes).

Anyways, comfy chair means I can now hang out in the living room again, instead of on the bed.

Classes are all over. I should be getting all A's. Yay. Icky stressful lawsuit stuff is also over (for now). I have a week of relative nothingness before classes start up again.

It was damn hot today. Wandering around downtown Sacramento in a black velour shirt on a 100 degree day is not comfortable. However, jumping in a pool is. This is the one true benefit of living in an apartment - pools are the norm (at least in this price range), rather than the exception.
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My cats are so funny.

Today we bought them halter thingies, so that they can be taken outside on a leash. They have loops that go around the neck and the chest, and the leash is attached on the back.

They went completely nuts when we first put them on, spinning around, running into things, and generally acting like fools, as if it destroyed their sense of balance. Who knows, maybe it did. Once we took them outside, they calmed down, and haven't acted annoyed since. Maybe they got the point that weird clothing leads to good things eventually.

Now they're both curled up beside me, sleeping, apparently oblivious to the fact that they are wearing halters. That's a good thing.

I should be doing math homework. I currently have two sections of a 7 section + review chapter completed, and it is due tomorrow night. Also, several programming assignments due tomorrow. They ain't getting done, though. Its a matter of priorities - the programming teacher lets us turn in stuff late (for full credit, even). The math teacher doesn't. Due to the phenomenon of teachers always assigning projects to be due on the same day, I have yet to turn in a programming assignment on time.

We got a coffee table today. It's wicker, and ugly as heck, but it was free, so what the heck? It came from the Dumpster of Fortune - the trash dumpster for the apartment complex, which ends up being a place for people to dump all the perfectly good stuff they don't want anymore for everyone else to claim. So far, I've gotten a cat tree, a shirt., a queen sized bed, a halogen lamp sans lightbulb, a chair, and probably more that I'm not remembering. [livejournal.com profile] koyote also got a pair of rollerblades for our friends' six year old daughter, today.

Perhaps they should advertise it as a feature of the complex - "The equivalent of one month's rent in other people's stuff!"


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