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I'm evil for wishing that Bush had a beach house instead of a ranch.
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I understand now...

It wasn't really a hurricane, it was giants.

And FEMA is the Ministry of Magic trying to cover it up, which is why they're being so slow about letting help in and people out.

The X-Files version of FEMA seems plausible, too.
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I think Leif and I ended up on national TV today. Our 5 seconds of fame.

We went into DC and stopped at Barnes&Noble where John Gibson just happened to be talking about his new book - Hating America: The New World Sport. I guess he's a right-wing conspiracy theorist who has a show on FOX.

C-SPAN was taping the talk. As I walked back from changing Leif, a lady at the back of the crowd asked a question, and all the cameras focused on her. At least one of them would have caught Leif and I, too.

I hope not. I would have looked like a troglodyte.
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I'm sure that this is no huge political insight, but it strikes me that a candidate who hopes to steal votes from Bush cannot come out strongly in favor of gay marriage. The votes in question this selection are the conservative votes. The liberals are going to vote against Bush regardless.

My conspiracy theorist side even suspects that the election year timing of this gay marriage uprising is a purposeful attempt to polarize the population. It's sad that the issue of people loving eachother could overshadow declaring war under false pretenses, but it's entirely plausible.
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The local Joanne's fabric store is having a scissors sharpening event on Sept. 11.

Am I the only one who finds the odd on multiple levels?
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I posted a whole bunch of pictures to Leif's website today. I discovered that photoshop has an option to automatically generate photo albums. Neat. So it's now an actual website, and not just a list of pictures.

I went to the doctor today. I'm all healthy. My blood pressure is way down (100/60), and I'm a bit below my pre-pregnancy weight. Yay.

Talk about weight loss and female body parts... )

I almost forgot to mention... [livejournal.com profile] koyote and I got married on Friday. Then we went and saw American Wedding. We thought it would be appropriate. It was Leif's first movie, too. He nursed pretty much the whole time, so he was quiet.

Friday morning, we went to the courthouse to get a marriage license. On our way out, a woman came up to us and said (pointing to Leif), "Is that Elijah?" We said no, of course. She said that he looked just like her son Elijah - he had the same outfit (I think every kid born this summer has this particular outfit), and the same stork bite on his eye.

This kind of freaked me out. [livejournal.com profile] koyote thinks that she was probably on drugs, and CPS took the baby away. I don't doubt that he's right. Poor kid.

So I've now eloped. This amuses me. My cousin, the only other married person on that side of the family, also eloped (and didn't tell anyone for six months). Perhaps we're starting a trend! There's also a child out of wedlock trend going. I find this interesting. It feels to me like our family has always pretended to be perfect (intentionally or not), while really being pretty dysfunctional. Tom, would you agree with this?

Or perhaps that's just normal.

I've been pondering what I'd do if I suddenly became rich. Not hugely "never have to worry about money again" rich, but considerably richer than I am now (which wouldn't really take much - we have no debt now, but we don't have much saved up beyond that, either. We're working on it).

I think that growing up not-rich in Coronado (one of the richest parts of San Diego (or anywhere, for that matter)) left me with a real distaste for richness. My friends and I generally had to work for things we wanted beyond the necessities - I started a pet sitting business in 5th grade in order to save money for the 8th grade class trip to the east coast, and had jobs pretty much continually from that point on.

Anyways, I'm not sure what I'm trying to say, except that the idea of being rich bugs me. Or perhaps more to the point, the idea of giving Leif everything he wants bugs me. Not that I don't want him to be happy, but consumerism doesn't necessarily lead to happiness. Not that being rich means I have to give him everything he wants, but it takes away the convenient "We can't afford it" excuse.

(I'm being hypocritical here. The idea of being able to buy whatever I want doesn't bother me. I don't think I'm really all that much better at objectively assessing what is "worth it" just because I'm an adult, yet I want to make that decision for other people).

I should now do laundry and go to bed, as the boy will want me awake at some time in the morning before I really feel like being awake.

I have a hard time expressing myself. Most of what I've said in this entry isn't what I really meant to say. Oh well. I've always had this problem where my brain thinks faster than I can get the words out (verbal, typed, or written, it doesn't matter). I'll have all these wonderful thoughts in my head, and when I try to write them, it just doesn't work. I've sometimes thought that if I could have a thought recorder, I could very easily be a professional writer. Except that everyone else is probably the same way, so if thought recorders existed, the standards would go up.

Besides, the idea of thought recorders and the Bush administration is just frightening.

Ok, off to bed.


Aug. 8th, 2003 10:57 am
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Everyone else is writing warthoughts, so I may as well, too.
Read more... )
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http://dear_raed.blogspot.com/ is an online journal of an Iraqi citizen living in Baghdad (well, so he states, and I have no reason to doubt it). It's very interesting.
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It was a lovely day out today. We took a picnic to the park and hung our for a while. I keep expecting the weather to go back to winter yuckiness, but it really hasn't yet. Not that I'm complaining - I love short sleeve weather. It just seems early for spring.

If it keeps going at this rate, it'll be warm enough to swim within about a month.

Wow. They arrested Alice Walker at a peace protest in D.C. That seems about as bright as arresting a lawyer for wearing a tshirt :)

[livejournal.com profile] lemurbaby's kicking is now visible. Sitting around and watching my belly move on its own has become one of my main sources of entertainment.

I want to see X-Men 2!
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Terrorist are going to attack! North Korea can nuke the US! Live the rest of your undoubtedly short lives in fear!
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Suddenly I not only have appetite again - I have energy, too. I've actually been pretty productive at work this week, and right now I actually feel like going to the exercise room. I think this is a first.

Everyone is being deployed. On the [livejournal.com profile] pregnant friends page, I've read posts from several people whose husbands are being deployed within the next few weeks. Many of them are expecting babies shortly. A friend of mine is trying to find the money to visit her fiance in Hawaii one last time before he's deployed. I hate this. Why exactly are we sending all these people over there to have their lives potentially destroyed?

Oolong, the bunny that balances stuff on his head in my userpic, apparently died today :( Poor bunny.
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Every new thing that Bush&co. do makes the scenarios in Parable of the Talents and The Handmaid's Tale seem more plausible.

(Olivia - Parable of the Talents is the sequel to Parable of the Sower, which is the book boB was going off about in Oxford about walled communities (it's not really, but that's how he described it, so it's probably how you'd remember it if you haven't read it). Did you ever read it? It's interesting, if not exactly happy fun reading.)

I need to reread Parable, and will do so as soon as I finish my current book. Well, and once I get at least slightly caught up in English.

The essay got done (at 2 AM) and turned in (at 9 AM). It's awful, but even a high F is better than zero (this is my mantra these days when it comes to essays), and I suspect I'll get higher than a high F. The class is over next week. It will be wonderful to have my Saturdays back.

The AmeriCorp program at College of the Redwoods is apparently continuing - they're accepting applications for next semester starting in November. Not that I'm planning to go that soon, but it's nice to know they aren't ending it yet.

I'm really torn between hoping [livejournal.com profile] koyote gets a really good high paying job and hoping he doesn't so that I can do that.

[livejournal.com profile] koyote and I are currently ripping CDs for fun and profit. Well, fun anyways. In fact, the CD player just spit out a CD, knocking the chair to the side. It was kind of amusing. That was Xenophilia. Now it's Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

I'm eating rice pudding. It is tasty.
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The Muslim leaders aren't the only ones who are disgusted. This is just wrong.

Let's just try our hardest to confirm everything bad they've been told about US culture, huh?
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Got back from San Diego last night. This time, I got to the airport about 2.5 hours early, and consequently got through security within about 30 minutes and had to spend two hours sitting around waiting. More than two, actually, since the plane was a bit late.

Better than Thursday, though.

I think the security gates must be more sensitive in San Diego than in Sacramento - I was wearing no more metal than I was on Thursday (in fact, quite possibly less), and I set it off, which means I got felt up by the security guard. No, I'm not hiding a knife between my breasts. Grrr.

Work is insane. I think we've gotten more email in the past day than we did all of last week combined, and none of it is easy stuff. I meant to write more, but now I have to leave. I also meant to get more homework done, but I didn't, so it probably won't get turned in on time. Oh well.


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