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I've just discovered that few things feel worse than thinking your kid feels a bit warm, sticking a thermometer under his arm, and seeing it start at 101 and climb. It got up to 102.1, and underarm is about a degree lower than actual temperature.

Well, the weird spots on his arm, as well as the two that just appeared on his belly, suddenly make sense. As does his lack of appetite this morning and quietness now (and, in retrospect, earlier). And probably his friend's lack of appetite, grumpiness, and big old "bug bites" too.

What miserable weather for chicken pox :(

I've been feeling itchy myself, but I think it's just bug bites for me. Nothing looks terribly chickenpoxy, my temperature is normal, and I've already had it at least once (my mom thought I may have had a mild case around Leif's age, but that was never confirmed, and then I got a normal case when I was 7).
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I had one of those "where in the world did you learn that?" moments this morning. I was trying to get Leif in the bike trailer, and he wanted to play with the bike chain.

He said, "I can't hear you!"

I don't *think* this one is Mariel's doing, and I can't remember him having heard it in a book or movie. Maybe he just made it up himself.

We skipped story time at the library today because he has a bit of a nasty sounding cough, though he's otherwise ok. Thought about going later, once the crowds had cleared out, to take back his movies, but we've all been draggy and sick and haven't gotten around to it, and now it is too late. Perhaps we'll go after class is over. If not, online renewals are love.
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Leif fell asleep at 4 today and is still out. This does not bode well for tonight.

We were heading out for park/ice cream/whatever, and I told him that he needed to go potty, since he hadn't been since before library story time this morning. He refused, threw a fit, and then fell asleep. And then peed all over the place in his sleep an hour or so later.

I expect he's probably a little sick, both because of the sleeping and the peeing.

I was looking forward to the ice cream.
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Someone stole my bike out of the yard sometime over the past few days. How irritating. At least they took the normal bike, not the recumbant and trailer. The most irritating thing is that it had my decent lock (which wasn't in use - I'd intended to put it back on the other bike but forgot) and expensive seat on it.

I'm half hoping I'll find it abandoned somewhere nearby. It's a 3 speed (and I'm pretty sure two of the speeds don't actually work) with coaster breaks, and I can imagine someone discovering what a pain it is and just dropping it.

I shouldn't have gotten another book at the library today. Now I want to read it, even though I'm in the middle of three others. One of those (The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini) was a Christmas present, and it's just a little too depressing to be top priority. Two are library books that are due in a week or two. Of the library books, one (Waifs and Strays by Charles de Lint) is a bunch of short stories that should go pretty fast once I start reading it again, and the other (The Protector's War by S.M. Stirling) is one I want to read in theory - it's the second in a series, and I enjoyed the first book, but I'm having a hard time getting into it. I'm hoping it will get easier once I get past the first chapter and back to familiar characters. The new one (Goodnight Nobody by Jennifer Weiner) is brain candy mommyfic that I know I'll enjoy and get through within a day or two. I feel bad shoving it to the head of the queue, though. Especially since it isn't due for three weeks.

I suppose I'll keep plodding on The Protector's War for another chapter or two, and switch if it doesn't get better.

I think Leif is sick. I just asked him if he wanted to go out to the toy store and for ice cream, and he said no.
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I don't feel like updating.

Leif and I are visiting at my mom's house. The keyboard sucks, so please excuse any typos I don't correct.

We're supposed to go to San Diego tomorrow, but my mom is sick, so I'm not sure we'll make it.

I wonder if Leif is weaning. I can count the times he's nursed since we left early Tuesday morning on one hand, and he actually didn't want to nurse before his nap this afternoon, and fell asleep on his own, which I don't think he's ever done when he was with me and not in some form of transportation (car, stroller, baby carrier, whatever). It's possible that he has certain associations that were broken by going someplaces else.

I went out on my own this afternoon. I went to a coffee shop and drank a latte and ate a sandwich and finished my book. Then I wandered around stores and a library. Whoo. I saw the oddest thing in a women's clothing boutique - a fleece spaghetti strap tank top. Huh?

Leif is currently watching Finding Nemo, and seems to want me to come over and hold him, so I suppose I will do that.
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You know, I really shouldn't be annoyed at having to wait a week to watch Serenity after finishing Firefly since all the original fans had to wait years, but, well, I am.

Yay for more userpics!

At least 5 of you have posted about having a severe headache or other migraine-like activity recently. This is beginning to get a little weird.

If anyone had told me 10 years ago that rice and lentils with plain yogurt and hot sauce would be one of my favorite foods, I'd have said they were insane.

There's an aikido class pool party tomorrow. Hopefully my bathing suit still fits - it wasn't exactly loose last time I wore it. Though whether I'll actually have any interest in swimming when it's 40 degrees out is another question entirely. I'm assuming the pool is heated, but this is Sensei we're talking about here, you know?
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And now, of course, I'm the vomiting mommy. It was bound to happen.
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It's the return of the middle of the night vomiting toddler! I guess I pushed it a bit too much yesterday :( Poor guy. Now he'll have to miss his class today :(
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I put olive oil in Leif's hair today in an attempt to get rid of the last of his cradle cap. He doesn't want to get in the bath though, so now he is Salad Dressing Boy. Unfortunately, he's just a little too gross to pass it off as a Halloween costume.

He's napping now. If I can get him into the bath and so on before 5, we may go ahead and go to the party for a little while. He's been asking for mayonaisse sandwiches and hasn't thrown up again, so he can't be too sick.

I'm posting so much today because I updated my laptop to Tiger yesterday, and now have a Livejournal dashboard widget. I'm sure the novelty will wear off soon.
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Man, what a day. I just managed to flood the bathroom with the washing machine.

On the good side, Leif seems to be doing better. This means he's running all over trying to color on everything.

I'm indulging my inner 10 year old by reading the American Girls catalog I got in the mail yesterday.
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It's 9:30, and Leif is still passed out. I guess he's really sick, and not just throwing up randomly for no good reason.

I'm not sure I'm feeling 100% myself, but that could be psychosomatic. A little bit of achiness and a tiny bit of upset stomach. Not enough to keep me from desiring coffee.

Guess we're not going to the party today :( Not that it really makes a huge difference, since parties tend to consist of me eating some food and then sitting around watching Leif play somewhere in the general vicinity. Still, I was looking forward to it.
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There's not a lot less fun than waking up to your toddler vomiting next to you. Poor guy. I'm sure it was even less fun for him.
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I appear to have the Davis Death Flu. I was really hoping that, being generally healthier this time around, and not working in the sick office, that this would not happen.

Leif appears to be a little sick, but still relatively active and energetic. I really hope he doesn't throw up tonight. And preferably not wet the bed either (which he pretty much only does when he's sick, and has the past several nights).

We can only hope that my brother, who visited this weekend, doesn't get it.

So far, being 26 kind of sucks.
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Someone cut a cable this morning, and all phone service (both cellular and land line) to Wrightwood was cut. Lovely.

When we realized that all phone service was out, we wondered for a second if LA had been nuked or something, and we were just sitting there trying to dial into the internet. Then we remembered we could always check the "old-fashioned" way, turned on the TV, and discovered that the rest of the world still existed.

It occasionally makes me nervous staying here. The closest hospital is at least half an hour away, and today we couldn't even have called 911.

I was sick this morning. Not sure what exactly it was. My stomach and back hurt, and I had the chills when I went down for a nap at about 1:00. When we woke up at 3:30, I was fine.

In Virginia, I never got sick. Or rarely, anyways. I think I may have had a cold once or twice. Now I've been sick twice since we moved back to CA, and I tended to get sick fairly regularly before leaving CA last year. A friend who moved from VA at about the same time reports similar.

Part of it is undoubtedly the air quality. I hope it lets up a bit when we're on the coast.
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The trip to Davis went pretty well. Leif slept 3 of the 4 flights. The other flight (second half of the flight to Sacramento) was pretty bad - we were stuck on the runway at O'Hare for about an hour before taking off (Big surprise. I don't think I've ever had a flight out of O'Hare that wasn't stuck on the runway for an hour) and Leif got a little antsy during the last hour and a half or so. Then he fell asleep as we were landing. Go figure.

The Whole Earth Festival was pretty amazing. I've never been all that into it before, but it's an entirely different experience when you're a parent who's been living in Virginia for a year. Moms lie around in the grass breastfeeding their babies. Most of the babies are held a lot of the time, even if the parents brought strollers. Many wear cloth diapers.

Such a strange contrast to here.

I guess that's what happens when the entire hippy population of the Bay Area and Sacramento Valley descends on an area the size of a city block.

Leif wasn't feeling very well a lot of the time. He had a pretty miserable time on Friday, developed a bit of a fever, and then ended up being constipated most of the weekend (yes, we were trying to keep him hydrated). Poor guy. I feel bad about dragging him around everywhere like we did, but I doubt that staying at our host's house would have been any better for him.

Despite all that, my family still thought he was the most good-natured baby ever. It really makes me wonder about other babies when people tell us how wonderfully behaved he is when he's at his worst.

Pictures will be up when I get around to it.

This past week has basically sucked. It's been oppressively hot, and Leif's sleep schedule is all thrown off from jet lag. Yesterday I had a really weird sickness - headache and nausea for a few hours, and then it went away. At first I thought it was caffeine withdrawal, then the nausea hit, and I thought it was the flu. And then it went away. It wasn't dehydration, but could have been heat related.

Leif may have had a bit of it, too. He was awfully fussy, and wanted to be held constantly. It's just so much fun trying to take care of a fussy baby when you're sick yourself.

I haven't heard anything of the infamous 17-year cicadas, which I suppose I should count as a blessing. I'm guessing that this area has been torn up within the last 17 years, so we don't have many. Leif and I may go down by the creek later and see if I can find any.
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The doctor's office said that test results won't be back until Monday or Tuesday, and in the meantime just keep doing what we're doing (mainly making sure he's well-hydrated) unless he starts getting worse.

I realize that it doesn't make any sense for them to do anything more than this considering that he's not showing any signs of a major problem and it's probably just a minor bacterial infection or something that will clear up on it's own, it's still frustrating.

This is the funniest medical article I've ever read:
Cut for the squeemish )
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Well, it was blood, not carrot juice (read previous post for context).

We're supposed to go to the ER (the one a few towns over, not the one a few blocks from us) if he gets any worse, and otherwise bring in a stool sample when he makes another.

Right now he's happy and bouncy (amazingly so, considering he hasn't had a really good nap today), so we're not *too* worried.
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Being a parent is an interesting experience.
Not for the faint of stomach )
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Leif Update
Leif Pictures

Leif has been terribly fussy lately. He's fussing whenever he's not nursing or sleeping, unless one of us (preferably [livejournal.com profile] koyote, he's on a daddy kick lately) is carrying him around. We've been doing a lot of dancing around and singing to Broadway musicals since there isn't a whole lot else to do in this tiny apartment while standing.

It struck me today that perhaps Miss Saigon is not the best choice. Nothing better than singing about prostitution, war, and swear words to your 9 month old. It reminds me of when my high school drama club went to LA to see it. The front row was filled with nuns.

I miss theater. Perhaps someday I'll do it again. Not that I have any inclination (or talent) to become a professional, but there's community theater pretty much everywhere.

Leif and I shared a banana for dinner today after he refused to eat my avacado concoction. It was a perfect banana, still slightly green, without any spots. They're not quite so sticky sweet that way.

Then Leif threw it all up again. Maybe he's having a vaccine reaction, maybe we're both getting sick again. Wouldn't surprise me either way - I'm feeling rather dead myself.
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Leif seems to have gotten the cold that's going around. His nose is all stuffed up, and he wakes up crying because he can't breathe easily. He also can't nurse easily, since he can't breathe through his nose. We have to use the nose suction bulb thingy which he really hates.

Poor guy.

Despite that, and having a temperature of 101, he seems pretty happy and energetic. When he's not being yelling his head off, that is. It's about half and half. I'm a bit surprised - I'd expect him to be grumpy all the time. At the moment he's in happy mode.

He and the cats aren't getting along too well right now. He's getting really aggressive about grabbing, and they're starting to fight back. Jenna gave him a bit of a gash on his leg today. I don't blame them - he's really pretty rough, but I wish they'd stay out of his way (there are places in the apartment that they can go where he can't reach) or that the weather was nice enough for them to stay outside more.

We're trying to teach the concept of "gentle", but it's something that's going to take time.

Now we have to go take our cold-y selves off to the store, since we need toilet paper and dinner.


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