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I had one of those dreams last night where the dialogue and reactions and character motivations and so forth were all incredibly realistic, but the plot was typical dream weirdness, in this case involving Native American ghost and nuclear war. But parts were just so detailed and, if not sensible, at least internally consistent.

I woke up after we ducked and covered, the bomb went off, and the light kept getting brighter and brighter. This may perhaps explain my rather blah mood today. Or it could just be that Leif was a total twit all day.

Beeb is at the scooting backwards when trying to go forward stage, which means we're in for trouble soon.
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OMG the kids are off the wall today! I don't think I have ever seen Leif so whiny.


Sep. 15th, 2006 09:26 pm
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My big issue right now is that Leif came so early (36 or 37 weeks exactly, depending on whose count you believe), and overall everything is just so different this time. So nothing I'm feeling actually has any meaning to me.

If Leif had come at 42 weeks or something, I doubt I'd be having any thoughts about delivering soon. And, since my health is so much better, there's no reason to believe it'll happen early this time.

(He wasn't induced, but I was basically under threat of induction within a few days after he arrived. I'm curious how much of his arrival was due to my health, how much was because he was just ready, and how much was me not wanting to be induced.)

Need to set up a flickr account or something soon.

Leif and I are bouncing around together on our respective exercise balls.

He had a late nap, and given how much we've both slept today, I wonder if there is any real chance of being up and ready in time for this garage sale that is supposed to have cloth diaper stuff.
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Today was a really nice day overall. I woke up in a terrible mood, but napped for a while and felt much better. Then I sat around and relaxed or slept most of the rest of the day. I didn't feel compelled to clean beyond a sweep of the cobwebs in the bathroom (how do they accumulate so fast?) and the normal dishes and laundry. It was nice.

After Leif woke up from his nap, we went for a bike ride to meet [livejournal.com profile] koyote after hapkido. I think I'm not going to be riding much anymore. It's still more comfortable than walking, but occasionally just a little too uncomfy. We'll probably go to the library or the store and that's about it - there isn't really anywhere else we need to go that is far enough where a bike is significantly easier than walking.

I'm at the point where it could be six weeks, or baby could come tonight, which is frustrating from a clothing standpoint. I'd feel dumb buying pants (which I need with the weather changing - right now I have no pants that really fit comfortably other than flannel pajama pants) and then having the baby shortly afterwards. On the other hand, I don't want to be stuck with shorts for another month. And while I'm not actually physically uncomfortable in the shirts I have, few look particularly good.

I think I need to look for loose elastic waist pants and skirts (which I don't normally wear because of biking, but I've already addressed that), with maybe some leggings for under the skirts or something. Stuff I can wear post-baby, too. Elastic waist stuff is hit or miss, though. I have two pairs of shorts that are very comfortable, and some others that aren't for more than a few hours at a time.

Man, I don't think I've ever talked about clothing so much as in the past 4-5 months.

Leif has a new jacket. He is adorable in it. I think something about wearing pants makes him look older. Or perhaps he just grew again. He does that.

He's so much fun these days that I rather hate to screw it up by throwing a baby into the mix.
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It's really hot. This is irritating. Fortunately, it is no longer looking like it will be as hot tomorrow as originally forecast. That would be nice. But still hot. But tomorrow is supposed to be the last day of this particular heat wave, so it's all good.

I should get us to the pool one more time just in case it is The End Of Summer. I'm not sure my bathing suit adequately covers me anymore, though. Many things don't.

Mariel must have done something magic, because our ceiling fan is suddenly working again (I have a feeling she flipped a light switch, a step I hadn't thought to try since the light on the fan worked properly). And there was much rejoicing.

In general, this house seems much cooler than the apartment. We haven't run the AC yet.

We have no DSL for another week or so due to SBC screwyness. We do have dialup access, and [livejournal.com profile] koyote gently reminded me that my laptop includes a modem, so I am now the AP for the house.

Library story time started again today. Leif was thrilled, as am I, because free entertainment/social activities are good.

He has his first real toy-crush - this ugly little baby (ok, so I said the b-word, but not in the usual context) doll that he's named "Baby Girl". He's taken it everywhere for the past week or so (since we found it while moving stuff), and started crying when we couldn't find it before leaving the house earlier (we did eventually find it). I think we need to find a backup Baby, just in case.

And that's about all the excitement. Except the BBQ tomorrow, which you should attend.
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I finally got around to getting my exercise ball blown up (by mouth). Those things are heaven to sit on while pregnant. I have my chair for the next several weeks.

This morning, as I tossed Leif, a spare pair of shorts, and my bag in the trailer to go the the bank and the store, it struck me that it wouldn't be that easy again for quite a while.
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Today was somewhat frustrating after how perfectly everything worked yesterday.

The co-sleeper did turn out to be too good to be true :) The bars needed to convert it into a co-sleeper/bassinet are missing, as well as the liner. It is still perfectly functional as a playyard, and there's no reason I can't use that for naps, so I'm not really upset at all. And replacement parts are on my registry so I still get to test the bed hypothesis.

After a big pickup mess, we have a futon from freecycle. The full size mattress we've been using will go on freecycle (actually, probably craigslist so I can just say "it's here, come and get it!" rather than having to arrange pickups which will probably be as screwy as ours was) unless any of you locals happen to want it (just the mattress, no box spring). Yay for bigger bed that takes up less room!

Leif adores the new house. Whenever we leave, he is impatient to get back to it. He's very happy to have his movies back, but he's also really into helping out with cooking or yardwork or whatever people happen to be doing.

Right now he's sleeping, cuddling his baby doll and the pieces of wire that [livejournal.com profile] koyote brought home from work.

The heat wave is supposed to die down tomorrow, with highs in the mid-80's (as opposed to the mid-90's that we've been having).

[livejournal.com profile] koyote has a nice lucrative short term contracting job. I'm barely seeing him, but it should mean he won't have to worry about working much for a few weeks after the baby shows up, so it's a worthwhile trade.

Maybe we can get the saved baby stuff out of storage this weekend so I can be all nesty and wash everything and stuff.

I am also feeling this crazy need to go and put away the summer clothing and get out the winter clothing and give away Leif's old stuff and so on. Insane because we'll probably be having warm weather during the day through October, so I definitely can't just get rid of it all.

I'm curious which of my pants will fit post-baby.

I need to figure out Halloween costumes now while I have the time and energy. It just seems too early to be thinking about that.
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Leif made a "pretty star". He colored it and poked holes in it and cut around the edges all by himself.

Now he wants to go put it up in the sky.
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I hate it when I feel the need to be productive and can't do anything about it. So you get me being frantic here, instead.

The local diaper service sells packs of retired diapers (DSQ prefolds, obviously), dyed lavender, 6 for $3.75. Not recommended for diapering - I don't know if that is an actual quality issue, or because they have a conflict of interest. I should order a pack and see what sort of shape they are in and if they'll let you specify size (if they don't, a co-op of some sort might work... Or just save the too big ones for later). Because that's really cheap. Also need the check the price on prefolds at the local baby store. I assumed they were expensive, but realized that the lack of shipping cost might make up for it.

I'm tempted to switch from motherease diapers to kissaluvs on our registry. They're not that much more expensive, a lot nicer, and size 1 should fit long enough to be "worth it". They would have fit Leif from about 2 months - 18 months or 2 years. But he can still wear the motherease now. Not that I really expect anyone will buy them, anyways.

I'm going to bet someone does get us the Pack-N-Play, which is the lowest priority thing on the registry, just because they so desperately want us to have something even vaguely crib-like. Not that I'm complaining, really. I wouldn't have put it on there if I didn't want one. I'll just be highly amused.

Leif fell and split his lip today. Poor dude. Amazingly, especially given his monkey tendencies, I think this is the worst he's ever been injured. And it really isn't that bad - bled a lot at first, but the cuts are small.

What should I do with this nice useless crib bumper I have in my posession? It's all yellow and gender neutral and stuff and I hate to throw it away. But it really is useless in its current form. Even if we were doing the crib thing, they're a safety hazard. And it takes up space.
Lists of what we have/need/want. Not that interesting. Mainly for koyote's benefit. )
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I am happy about my hair today.

I haven't used shampoo since April 2005. For a while I washed with baking soda/apple cider vinegar, but found that my hair got too tangled with that. So in November 2005 I switched to washing with conditioner, using the bs/acv occasionally to help remove buildup (which I've done just two or three times since this last April, and probably will again with a bit more frequency after we move). I also haven't been using plastic combs/brushes since April 2005.

I've had some lingering doubts about this. My hair felt fine to me, and [livejournal.com profile] koyote said it was fine, but I don't entirely trust his judgement as he's more crazy hippy than I am. I'll admit - a large source of the doubt was that I stopped getting compliments on my hair after we moved away from LA (which happened to coincide with the start of the experiment). I suspect this is more because LA is full of creepy freaks than anything to do with my hair, but I'd still become accustomed to it, and it was a little disconcerting.

Last night I was hanging out with a bunch of people I didn't know (and some who I did). One was trimming hair, and she offered to trim mine. I took her up on it, as it hadn't been trimmed since last Thanksgiving. She declared it perfect, and took off about 1/4".

Yay validation!

I think it would probably be best (and cheaper) if I cut down to conditioning once every 2-3 days. Every day seems like overkill. Or maybe I should just do more research and find something that works that doesn't involve store-bought conditioner.

I'm not sure what the best option is for Leif. Between his dislike of anyone messing with his hair and his picky seeming scalp, it just doesn't seem to be working wonderfully. His hair is well behaved for a few days after a hairwashing, and then it starts getting terribly tangled. But I hate putting him through the torment of either combing out the tangles or conditioning more frequently. And [livejournal.com profile] koyote doesn't want his (Leif's, or his own for that matter, but that's a different story) hair to be cut. So... I don't know. Try the olive oil one more time for his scalp, and look into a better spray-on detangler? Or perhaps leave-in conditioner would work well for him. (Hmm... diluted conditioner in a spray bottle apparently works well as a spray detangler. Should find a spray bottle and try that.)

And no, [livejournal.com profile] koyote, dreads are not an option at this point.
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At the moment I feel like eating nothing but salad with some sort of added protein (but not nuts or cheese), fruit, and maybe something like yogurt or pudding or non-chocolate ice cream as my entire diet until the baby is born. Everything else seems like it would make me feel yucky one way or another.

I suppose there are worse diets.

I've been feeling really yucky in general lately, enough so that I'm dreading 1-2+ more months of this. I don't remember feeling this yucky last time, even at the very end. I probably just need more exercise, though. On the other hand, it was easier last time because I could more easily follow a "sleep when I happen to feel like it" sleep pattern after about this point.

Wow, that was a little scary. Someone called [livejournal.com profile] koyote. From the conversation, I figured it was probably our friend Christine. Leif apparently made the same mental leap, because he asked "Is that Christine?" It wasn't like the context clues were blatant, either. He might have been able to hear her, but she isn't someone he knows terribly well, so that would surprise me a little too.

Now he's back to the pretend game he's playing with his dinosaurs. Dinosaurs and a rubber chicken.

And now he is dissecting a tampon. Ah, the life of a 3 year old.

After his slight wandering the first night, he slept all night in the room by himself for the other three nights. Makes me wish there was a real possibility of a separate room for him in the near future. Same room/separate bed seemed so sensible until I found out how well he sleeps on his own!
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Leif likes Mr. Rogers. This is gratifying. There's so much excessively stimulating hyper stuff he likes that it's good to see he can get into something a little more low key.

Him throwing a fit because it is over is slightly less gratifying, though still somewhat in an odd way.

I have a feeling someone is gonna need bedtime as soon as [livejournal.com profile] koyote returns...

Can't I just stay in the second trimester forever? It's so much more comfortable, physically and mentally. Rather disconcerting at times, but much more fun.
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If I thought I could get Leif to go to sleep now, take a nap myself, and then take him to the playground at like midnight (when it's only 85 or so out), I would.

If anyone local felt up to it, I'd do it regardless of nap, though I may try just getting us up at 6AM instead.

So hot and yucky. I'm guessing he really needs to get some energy out, though. Our bathing suits aren't here, so I can't go throw him in the pool. Ugh. He is so frantic being cooped up inside, but I don't know what else to do with him besides the library, Borders, or a pool. And getting to any of those is still painful.
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Leif's birthday party went really well. Thank you to everyone who came :) Unfortunately, the transfer cable wasn't in the camera bag like it should have been, so no pictures today, but I'll get them up at some point in the near future.

Leif had an absolute ton of fun :)
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Really rushed post...

Happy 3rd Birthday Leif!

Just a reminder - his party is at 4:00 (until whenever) this Saturday at the playground at Slide Hill Park in Davis. It's a potluck, so please bring food, but don't feel obligated to bring presents. There is a (pay) pool there, and I've heard something about the possibility of swimming elsewhere afterwards, so bring a swimsuit if you want. RSVP here if you can, but feel free to show up if you don't.

Most of the guests will be adults and there won't be any organized kids games or anything (though you may be roped into building a sandcastle or two), so please don't be turned off by the idea of a kid's party :)
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It's only 83 degrees. It's overcast, so the sun isn't painful. Leif is taking a nap, rather than doing his usual 3 minute nap during the bike ride trip.

I'm starting to get suspicious...
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I've just discovered that few things feel worse than thinking your kid feels a bit warm, sticking a thermometer under his arm, and seeing it start at 101 and climb. It got up to 102.1, and underarm is about a degree lower than actual temperature.

Well, the weird spots on his arm, as well as the two that just appeared on his belly, suddenly make sense. As does his lack of appetite this morning and quietness now (and, in retrospect, earlier). And probably his friend's lack of appetite, grumpiness, and big old "bug bites" too.

What miserable weather for chicken pox :(

I've been feeling itchy myself, but I think it's just bug bites for me. Nothing looks terribly chickenpoxy, my temperature is normal, and I've already had it at least once (my mom thought I may have had a mild case around Leif's age, but that was never confirmed, and then I got a normal case when I was 7).
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Soooo hot. Need a nice shady pool to sit in all day.

I have a hard time knowing what to do with us on days we aren't babysitting. It's just so hot, and the number of things availble to do in air conditioning is limited.

Maybe I'll take him to the park in a bit. At least it is shady. Then we can go swimming this afternoon once it's late enough for there to be a little bit of shade to retreat to.

Mosquitos are bad this year - both Leif and I are covered in bites.

For all that Davis is painful during the summer, it does have it's good points. Evenings outdoors are pleasantly warm. The smell of the grass in the fields reminds me of summer camp. Downtown is a ghost town with all the students gone, making riding around much more pleasant.

If only I could get us napping in the afternoons and on more of a nocturnal schedule overall, but between babysitting and lack of calm, climate controlled space in which to do so, I don't see it happening.

If only it weren't likely to be 95+ every day until mid-September.

Leif wants to be all cuddly today. I don't get it. It's like 2380252 degrees out.

I'm starting to get leg cramps at night. Guess it's time to start eating more bananas.
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Leif's 3rd birthday party will be on Saturday, July 1st at 4:00PM at Slide Hill Park in Davis. Anyone reading this is invited.

It's a potluck, so bring food in lieu of presents :)

I'll post a reminder/more info/RSVP thing sometime soon, but figured I should get the date out there now, since it's coming up quickly.
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You know that ringtone that adults can't hear that kids are using to send text messages during class?

I listened to the mp3 and thought maybe it was just a blank hoax file, until Leif asked "What's that noise?"


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