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I talked to [livejournal.com profile] koyote, and he thinks I should take classes this semester regardless of whether I get the class I need or not. So I'm registered. History, psychology, nutrition, and organic chemistry.

Ochem should be interesting, as it's taught by someone I know in a social context, which could be interesting. And the number of "interesting"s in that sentence might help convey my dubiousness about whether this is actually a good idea.

For my own reference (subject to editing):Read more... )
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Sometimes I read through my friendsfriends page or otherwise stumble across entries which have a question or poll that I want to respond to, but I don't, because I'm a random stranger and that would be weird.

So if you're a random stranger reading this entry... this is your chance. Take this poll. I promise it won't creep me out, and I actually want your input. People I'm aware are reading are welcome and encouraged to respond too, of course.

Usual Disclaimer: "Viewable By None" means that I can see individual answers, but everyone else can only see the aggregate answers, so "none" isn't really accurate. Nothing in particular prompted this post. It's just some things I've been wondering about for a while.

Finally, if you're reading this journal regularly and don't have me friended, please feel free to introduce yourself in comments if you feel comfortable doing so. Anonymous comments are screened, but I'll see them, and will unscreen if requested and you aren't a spammer.

ETA: If you came here because someone else linked you to this post, choose "Other" for question 1. I thought I'd covered that option, but I guess not :)

[Poll #990184]

ETA: So that this isn't a one-way flow of information - I read friendsfriends, other people's friends pages, and community friends pages, so it isn't going to disturb me at all if you do the same :) I do so because I'm bored, to find interesting people/communities, or to find potential mutual friends. I often read journals of people I find interesting without saying anything, either because I'm shy or because they seem to write for a public audience and it doesn't seem necessary. I don't use LJToys or anything similar (other than voluntary polls like this). I'm as curious as anyone about who reads my journal, but I don't consider it reliable, and feel the amount of info it provides about how people use their journals to be at least as invasive as reading someone's journal without telling them.
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Mmm. It's fun spending multi-hour periods of time writing a post, deciding it's too long and that you don't actually want anyone reading it after all, and deleting it.

It's all good. The process of writing it helped me make the connections I was looking for.
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Just reading a post where people discuss using LJ's "Private" security level.

For some reason, I can't do it. I think I've posted something privately once, nearly five years ago, and that was random snarky cryptic BS, not anything personal.

If I'm posting on LJ, it's because I want the attention. It would be so utterly unsatisfying to post something and know that no one else was going to read it (well, unless they happened to hack my journal or I accidently posted it publically or something).

This isn't to say I never write anything that isn't for public, or even heavily filtered semi-public, consumption. I just do so in a notebook instead of online.

Of course, some people use it for to-do lists or grocery lists or something. That I can understand a little better, though I still don't use it that way.

No particular reason for posting this. Just a personal oddity I noticed.
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I feel like posting cryptic angsty posts. But I hate it when I do that.

So I'm going to post meta-cryptic-angsty posts instead.
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Ok, dramarific friends list cut of the year is done. I think I dropped like three people. Lots of communities, though.

If you think I dropped you by mistake (probably because of LJ's stupid friend management interface), tell me.
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In case you missed it the first time - please fill out my poll here if you haven't already.

Just to clarify - I'm not going to drop anyone who answers the poll. I'm not going to drop anyone whose journal I enjoy reading on a regular basis, whether they answer the poll or not. I'm not dropping people just because they post infrequently (my goal is to decrease the amount I have to read - what would be the point in dropping people who don't post much?) or because they don't comment often (there are many journals I enjoy reading, but where I rarely, if ever, comment). This is mainly aimed at weeding out a few people with huge friends list who post frequently, I don't have much in common with, and who I seriously suspect aren't reading this anyways.

I mean really... there are 13 (out of 114) people on the cut list at this point, 5 of whom don't have me friended back to begin with. I just want to make sure I'm not misjudging any of their interest before risking hurting feelings.

I feel so dramarific even posting stuff like this. Blah.
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I never do this, but I'll likely have less frequent internet access in a few days, and my list is already unmanageable if I'm not checking it regularly...

[Poll #699856]

If you honestly don't care whether I remove you or not, just don't fill out the poll. I may remove you or I may not.

I'll probably just end up removing a handful of high-volume posters who I expect aren't actually reading me anyways - the poll is primarily so I don't cut these people if they're reading regularly and just don't comment much.
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If any of you local-ish people are interested, I just found out that Brad Whitaker & Frank Precissi (Livejournal and Deadjournal people-in-charge-of-something-or-other) will be speaking at the Linux User Group of Davis tomorrow evening at 6:30.

More details at http://www.lugod.org/meeting/

We'll probably be there, assuming lack of Leif sickness. If you want to do (homecooked) dinner here beforehand, comment :)
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I want to change my username. When I first started this account, the name that I wanted was taken, so I just picked something, not realizing I'd still be using it 3 years later.

My two usual usernames (ocelot and jess) are both taken by people who, as far as I can tell, aren't actually using the journal. ocelot is especially annoying, as it was taken about 2 weeks before I started my journal.

At some point, they're supposedly going to be deleting accounts like this, that someone started and then forgot. I have no clue when this will happen, so I don't know if it's worth waiting.

I just want a name that doesn't make me feel dumb every time I see it.
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Anyone know where I can report LJ bugs?
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I wish lj had the ability to killfile. That way I could read Friends pages without getting pissed off.

[Note: This does not apply to anyone I know personally, or any friends of people I know personally]
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So I'm reading along on the friends page of someone who doesn't know me, and see a reference to Wil Wheaton's autoresponder.

This indicates 3 possibilities to me. 1. typical net wildfire memetic distribution; we both heard about his page from separate sources. 2. this person has read my entry where I mention his website. 3. secondhand knowledge - one of the people we mutually know read my entry or heard me babble about it on IRC and passed on the address. Or some other variation of one of these three.

Option 1 is really the most sensible, but it does lead me to wonder who exactly is reading this.

Not that it really matters. If I don't want random second-degree acquaintance type people reading stuff, I just won't post it publicly.

Anyways, if you're reading this, and I don't know you're reading it, or I don't know you at all, or something, feel free to email me or comment or whatever. Or not. I'm more interested in a statistical sampling than exact details about who is reading it :)

Of course, now I'm feeling guilty about reading the journals of people who are not aware that I am. Is it better to email them and possibly freak them out, or just continue being a voyeur? Would they rather know or not know? I can't even answer these questions for myself, really. There are some freaky stalker type persons who, if they are reading this, I'd really rather not know.

Caffeine at night sucks, btw. My stomach is hyperly bouncing around, while the rest of me feels sleepy. At least my heart has stopped beating overly fast.

My upstairs neighbors seem to also be randomly bouncing around. I swear, I've never heard people who walk so loudly.

Is it just my imagination, or does the end of Shoebox (on Born on a Pirate Ship, by BNL) sound a whole lot like Camera One by the Josh Joplin Group? I haven't heard the latter recently enough to be certain.

Must sleep. It would be bad to be overly tired tomorrow.

I really want to write up the thoughts about phonics vs. holistic teaching methods that I had while walking home. That's so much more interesting than sleep, but sleep is really more necessary at this point. Hopefully by writing this here, I'll remember to write it later.
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Original: http://www.kuro5hin.org/story/2001/1/4/4727/33762

Decided to make this a seperate entry from my general diary entry, since my diaries tend to be excessivly long anyways.
Read more... )
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Original: http://www.kuro5hin.org/story/2000/11/21/15123/154

In which I discuss online diaries, school, Mondayness, cell phones, and netscape annoyances.
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