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It's really hot. This is irritating. Fortunately, it is no longer looking like it will be as hot tomorrow as originally forecast. That would be nice. But still hot. But tomorrow is supposed to be the last day of this particular heat wave, so it's all good.

I should get us to the pool one more time just in case it is The End Of Summer. I'm not sure my bathing suit adequately covers me anymore, though. Many things don't.

Mariel must have done something magic, because our ceiling fan is suddenly working again (I have a feeling she flipped a light switch, a step I hadn't thought to try since the light on the fan worked properly). And there was much rejoicing.

In general, this house seems much cooler than the apartment. We haven't run the AC yet.

We have no DSL for another week or so due to SBC screwyness. We do have dialup access, and [livejournal.com profile] koyote gently reminded me that my laptop includes a modem, so I am now the AP for the house.

Library story time started again today. Leif was thrilled, as am I, because free entertainment/social activities are good.

He has his first real toy-crush - this ugly little baby (ok, so I said the b-word, but not in the usual context) doll that he's named "Baby Girl". He's taken it everywhere for the past week or so (since we found it while moving stuff), and started crying when we couldn't find it before leaving the house earlier (we did eventually find it). I think we need to find a backup Baby, just in case.

And that's about all the excitement. Except the BBQ tomorrow, which you should attend.
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We now have enough boy baby clothing to pretty much ensure that baby is a girl. But still next to no 0-3 month.

I want everything moved NOW and it's pretty much entirely out of my control and it probably isn't going to happen this week and it's making me really twitchy. I also want the laundry dry right now so I can go fold it. Maybe I'll take a picture of all the adorable little baby clothing hanging on the line instead. I'm tempted to see if I can move the couch I'm sitting on, since it isn't in its permanent spot.

Yes, I realize I sound insane and OCD.

All I really want is one specific trunk from storage - the one with the baby stuff. Then I can get it all out and sort it and put it away and so on, and then use it for storing blankets (the bed type, not the baby type). But it's probably buried under everything. Maybe I'll go check tomorrow when someone else can watch Leif.
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Today was somewhat frustrating after how perfectly everything worked yesterday.

The co-sleeper did turn out to be too good to be true :) The bars needed to convert it into a co-sleeper/bassinet are missing, as well as the liner. It is still perfectly functional as a playyard, and there's no reason I can't use that for naps, so I'm not really upset at all. And replacement parts are on my registry so I still get to test the bed hypothesis.

After a big pickup mess, we have a futon from freecycle. The full size mattress we've been using will go on freecycle (actually, probably craigslist so I can just say "it's here, come and get it!" rather than having to arrange pickups which will probably be as screwy as ours was) unless any of you locals happen to want it (just the mattress, no box spring). Yay for bigger bed that takes up less room!

Leif adores the new house. Whenever we leave, he is impatient to get back to it. He's very happy to have his movies back, but he's also really into helping out with cooking or yardwork or whatever people happen to be doing.

Right now he's sleeping, cuddling his baby doll and the pieces of wire that [livejournal.com profile] koyote brought home from work.

The heat wave is supposed to die down tomorrow, with highs in the mid-80's (as opposed to the mid-90's that we've been having).

[livejournal.com profile] koyote has a nice lucrative short term contracting job. I'm barely seeing him, but it should mean he won't have to worry about working much for a few weeks after the baby shows up, so it's a worthwhile trade.

Maybe we can get the saved baby stuff out of storage this weekend so I can be all nesty and wash everything and stuff.

I am also feeling this crazy need to go and put away the summer clothing and get out the winter clothing and give away Leif's old stuff and so on. Insane because we'll probably be having warm weather during the day through October, so I definitely can't just get rid of it all.

I'm curious which of my pants will fit post-baby.

I need to figure out Halloween costumes now while I have the time and energy. It just seems too early to be thinking about that.
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We have somewhere to move to as of September 1st. Yay!

Not 100% ideal, but definitely better than things are now.

We'll have a yard (which, while not 100% fenced now, should be pretty easy to block in)! And a back porch big enough to be worth weatherproofing! And a washer/dryer! And a playground right on the other side of the fence!
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Saw PoA today. I think [livejournal.com profile] koyote liked it better than I did. Not that I didn't like it, but he hasn't read the books, so it's entirely brand new to him.

Prisoner of Azkaban seems to be the key book (and movie, apparently) for many people, the one that hooks them. It was for me. I read the first book, and found it somewhat banal. I gave the second book a shot just to give the series a fair chance, but didn't like it much better. Some time later, a friend told me that I had to read the third book, and that I'd like the series after I read it. He was right.

It was fun watching the movie from [livejournal.com profile] tarie's perspective. I could care less about who is in love with who, but it's fun to watch from that perspective.

We had a discussion afterwards which somehow led to the discussion of Snape/McGonagall. Ew.

I have PoA in Spanish, and need to get around to reading it. I guess it just depresses me that I can't read anywhere near fluently at a fourth grade level in Spanish, and it's too time consuming when I have to look up every other word. I did eventually find that if I just read without looking stuff up, I could get the general gist of what was happening, but not enough to really get into it.

I dreamed last night about going back to high school and trying to decide which level of Spanish I should take, since I got up to fourth year but didn't really learn much of anything past second (not to mention the fact that I haven't done any serious Spanish study since high school). I also took AP Chemistry with Mr. Price (excuse me, Dr. Price). Then we (no clue who was with me, though I think my brother might have been) got caught breaking into [livejournal.com profile] bongo3045's house, and were locked in by The Evil Stepmother. I have no clue who she was, either, or why we were breaking in. She forgot to lock the back door, though, so we escaped after she left for the day.

I'm sure you all really cared about that.

Anyways, back to PoA. This was the first movie that [livejournal.com profile] koyote and I have seen alone since Leif was born, and the first movie I've seen in a theater since RotK. [livejournal.com profile] silkensteel babysat, and he apparently did ok. This always surprises me, since he doesn't spend much time away from us, and tends to throw a fit when one or the other of us leaves.

We're getting rid of books (in addition to other things) in preparation for moving. This is hard, since I know that there are some I'm going to want to read again, and some that I'll eventually end up buying over again. But it's not worth it to move them across country and store them.

We sold the Ikea chairs the other day. I asked too little for them because I listed them when I was too tired to think straight. For some reason this really bugs me more than if we'd actually paid for them, rather than "just" sitting in the rainy cold for 8 hours in the middle of the night while 8.5 months pregnant.

I'm curious how much stuff we'll have when we get down to the stuff that we really want to keep.

Why am I still awake? Leif slept like crap last night, and I slept even worse. I felt like I was awake the whole night, though obviously I slept enough to have that idiotic dream. I'm getting to sleep too late in general. It's just that night is the only time that I have to myself, so I tend to drag it out.
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So tired. This is almost entirely my fault. I started the Left Behind series a week or so ago. I was right at the end of book 6 last night, and stayed up too till 1:00 AM finishing it. This is bad when you have a baby who is generally awake by 7:30.

I've always had a fascination with Revelations, which presumably is related to my fascination with disaster/apocalypse literature in general. Perhaps it's even the source of this fascination. Either way, I spent a lot of time in church as a kid reading Revelations, and not because I went to a particularly end-times centered church. I just found it more interesting than any of the other available distractions.

In any case, when the books first came out, I decided that I was going to wait until they were all released before giving it a shot. Now they've all been released (Not counting the spin-offs, which will presumably continue to be released until the Rapture really does occur and all of Tyndale Press is taken away to heaven), so I did.

They're not great literature, but absorbing and fun. Quick reads - I've gotten through 6.5 of them in a week or so, and I don't have all that much time to spend reading. It usually takes me ages to finish a book these days.

They do provide a view of Christianity that, for all that I grew up immersed in various forms of Christianity, I was never really exposed to. I find the idea that a non-Christian would convert to Christianity through reading these books kind of implausible - the books focus on God providing proof that he exists through events that have not happened in real life. I can, however, understand someone from a more mainstream denomination becoming evangelical after reading them.

One of the news magazines currently has an article about the books. I thought it was Newsweek, but can't see anything about it on the website. Anyone know which one it is?

I have a box of old notebooks full of freewriting from high school/college, combined with random schoolwork that I'm throwing away.

I used to have three file boxes full of this stuff. I got rid of all but one box when we moved last year, primarily by weeding out the majority of the non-literary schoolwork.

I decided today that I'm never actually going to use any of this stuff for anything except reminiscing. I'm not sure it's worth shipping it back and forth across the country an indeterminate number of times just for that.

A lot of it I can't read. It's too painful. Interpret "painful" whatever way you want, and you'll be right.

The random snippets of fiction are interesting, though. In many ways, I feel like I was a better writer back then than I am now. I found one bit that I don't remember writing at all - a feud between a six year old boy and his female cousin who suddenly decide they can't play together due to cooties. The boy is named Allen.

The next page is a letter to an internet friend, also named Allen. Obviously not a coincidence, but I don't remember having any particular feelings for this person beyond friendship. Was it just a convenient boy's name, or am I not remembering something?

I'm afraid I'll regret throwing them away. Who says that in 15 years I won't want to remember exactly how it felt to be in high school? I already see the past with glasses that are, if not rose, at least slightly pink.

On the other hand, I really don't want anyone else ever reading my angstbunny writing. I sound completely bugnuts in most of it.

Perhaps I'll go through and sort out some of the less embarrasing stuff. I am keeping the notebooks I wrote in when I was actively journaling (as opposed to freewriting to pass time in class) during middle school - they're small and generally more sane. The Aristocat stuff too, though I can't find it with a quick glance through the box, which worries me a little, since it isn't exactly a big box.

Leif has figured out how to open the screen door on his own. He just ("just" meaning two hours ago, when I actually wrote this post...) crawled outside and is now sitting on the porch. He's fenced in by the pouring rain, at least (not that he's unsupervised, but it makes it easier when he doesn't actually want to leave the porch).

He just fell over backwards into a puddle of water on the grass. He was a little shocked to suddenly be soaking, but wouldn't let me bring him back inside.
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[livejournal.com profile] koyote quit his job on Tuesday, and we'll be moving back to California at the end of June. Doing what or living where, we're not entirely sure, but we'll work out something. We have enough to survive for a while, and neither of us is opposed to taking whatever job we can get if it comes to that. Hopefully we can earn enough selling random stuff on ebay and baby carriers that we won't have to, but we'll see.

We'll be staying with my parents for a while. I like to think of this as an extended vacation, rather than moving back home. My mom and stepdad are going to Hawaii for most of July, and we'll be house-sitting. Then we'll be in San Diego for a while.

I'm feeling both apprehensive and relieved about this. Apprehensive for obvious reasons, relieved because I'm really not happy here, and because perhaps having [livejournal.com profile] koyote around more will take some of the pressure off me as main caregiver and give me a chance to have some time to myself a bit more often.

So anyways, if any of you living on this coast feel like meeting Leif, get ahold of me soon.

I found out yesterday that my cousin Moira is pregnant. Ironically, she's moving to Northern Virginia this summer, probably a few days after we leave. It's almost enough to make me wish we were staying here, though I doubt we'd see them all that often, anyways.

I'm debating what to do for Leif's first birthday. Part of me feels like we should have a big celebration, the other part doesn't want to deal with it. This isn't entirely laziness - most of what I don't want to deal with has to do with my parents being divorced. Do I invite my dad? Even though the party will be at my Mom's house? What about my paternal grandparents? I feel really bad about the idea of not inviting them, but I think that inviting my dad would be a really bad idea.

If I was having it somewhere neutral, I'd have no problem with inviting them both, but it's so soon after we arrive (we're thinking July 3) that I don't know how feasible it would be to find somewhere else, especially with Coronado being stuck in 4th of July Hell. Two separate parties would be another answer, except there really isn't much of anyone in Coronado besides my dad, grandparents, and possibly brother, and that doesn't really make for much of a party.

I suppose I should just talk to him.

My former boss and manager got laid off this week. I'm glad I'm not working there anymore. My department seems to have really gone to hell over the past year (not that it was much better when I left). I suspect this is partly budget cuts, partly poor management.

I realized today that some of the kids I used to babysit for would be old enough to babysit for Leif.

Ebay is addicting. I love sitting here clicking reload and watching the prices go up, and it's endlessly amusing to me that the stuff I figured would go for $0.99 is up to near retail price (in some cases, more than I paid for it) with quite a bit of time remaining.


Oct. 16th, 2003 07:39 am
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Original: http://www.kuro5hin.org/story/2003/10/16/93922/348

I realized I never updated after my last entry...
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I'm feeling PMSy (physically, not emotionally, though I'm sure [livejournal.com profile] koyote could argue with that). Maybe this means baby will be coming soon. Or maybe not.

I wish she would. I read too much. I've read all the preeclampsia horror stories, and now I just want her out before anything bad happens.

Of course, most of these horror stories share two common themes which don't apply to me. 1 - the people have symptoms a lot more serious than mine, generally earlier in pregnancy. 2 - they get blown off by doctors until it's too late, which I haven't been.

Still, I get nervous every time baby doesn't move for a few minutes, which is irrational, since s/he's never moved every few minutes, but in spurts every few hours.

If it weren't for that, I'd rather have another few weeks. Sure, I'm uncomfortable, but if we had another few weeks, everything could be unpacked and organized. [livejournal.com profile] koyote has managed to get through about half of what is left (There is now room to walk around the bed in the bedroom! Yay!) this morning. Much of what is left after that involves sticking books on bookshelves, which involves getting more bookshelves, which we can do after we get paid. And that's even something nice and easy that I can do on my own, as long as the boxes are stacked low enough for me to get into them.

Also, we have someone staying with us this week, and it would be nice to not be in a state of labor/delivery/recovery/dealing with newborn during that time.

Of course, if I keep talking like baby is going to show up any day, she won't show up till August. Except that I doubt the doctor will let it go that long.
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I will now, as usual, complain about things that need to be done, rather than actually doing them.

Specifically, I need to write a birth plan, do some stuff for work, and do some unpacking.

I really do not want to do any of this.

I am eternally greatful to [livejournal.com profile] silkensteel, who came down this weekend to help us unpack. When the movers left, there was so much stuff piled around the house that it was essentially impossible to move. We're still far from done, but it is much better than it was.

I am happy. I now have all the baby stuff, so I can sort through it and determine what we already have and what we still need.

We are being geeks and organizing our books according to the Library of Congress system. We need more bookshelves, though. We didn't have enough at the old apartment. A large portion of our books were just randomly piled around. And then we got rid of a bunch of our old bookshelves, because they got too beat up during the move, and sucked to begin with (they were all second or third hand).

I got the new Harry Potter yesterday, and read it all. It was quite good. I don't know if I would say it's the best in the series so far, but definetly worth reading. Well, maybe I would say it was the best so far. I dunno. I didn't particularly like 1 and 2 the first time I read them, though I enjoy them both now. 3 was great. 4 was ok. 5 was better than 4, but I'm not sure whether 3 or 5 was better.

It's like one of those tests at the optometrist's.

I found mochi ice cream at Trader Joe's. Unfortunately, they were sold out of the green tea flavor, and only had mango, which I have never tried.
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Today, a new Ikea opened in College Park, MD. They had festivities at the two other Ikeas in the area, as well.

One of these festivities was a free $200 comfy chair for the first 100 people in the door at each location.

So, being in need of nice comfy chairs, we left the comfort of our comfy bed at 1:00AM and headed to Ikea to wait in line with 100 other insane individuals.

Luckily, it had stopped raining heavily by that point, and didn't start up again while we were there. It was still a less than comfortable experience, since we didn't have any sort of chair, and the blanket got all soaked through. And because EVERYONE SMOKES IN VIRGINIA. GRRR.

Side rant: You're in line somewhere. You're standing next to two women who are discussing their pregnancies. 4:20 rolls around. Do you A. light up your joint and breathe smoke in their faces, or B. be polite and go elsewhere, or not light up at all? I'm sure you can guess what the people next to us did.

So anyways, we sat around in line for 8 hours. It wasn't that bad, really. For some reason, 8 hours passes a lot faster when you're sitting around in the cold on hard concrete without a whole lot to do than it does at work. Go figure.

We ended up being number 92 and 93, so we got out free chairs, which we will soon go home and assemble. Some of you will come sit in them soon. Yay!

Still no phone line at home, and there may not be before next week. Grr. I hate being punished for not having a credit card. Verizon emailed me on Tuesday to say that they needed further information from me in order to process my application. Because I don't have a phone line, I could not access email until late today, which means that they won't get the information they need until tomorrow morning, and there will undoubtedly be additional delay after that before service can be established. Grr.

This especially sucks because I have a new laptop - a 12" PowerBook G4. It's really cute.

I'm online from Borders right now.

Anyways, I can either continue rambling, or attempt to catch up on my friends list, so I'll stop now.
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I haven't been updating as often as I should. I also haven't been responding much to comments and emails. I apologize for this. I just don't feel like it, for some reason :)

For those who don't read [livejournal.com profile] lemurbaby, we found an apartment, and are in the process of moving into it. It's pretty great, considering that we had to find something on very short notice. Very good location. Now we're in the process of getting new stuff (king sized bed, whoo!) and figuring out what of our old stuff to keep and what to get rid of.

We've developed a slow field. Anything we have to order will take longer than expected. This started with my order from gap.com. I placed an order on May 22. It hasn't shipped yet. I want to cancel it, since it barely seems worth it to spend that much on clothing for the time remaining, but I want the clothes, especially the bathing suit, and it's entirely possible I'll end up not having the baby till sometime in August.

Besides, every time I call to check on the status, they give me some additional discount or something.

Every order we've placed since has gone similarly, and it extends to real life too, to some extent. Or perhaps that's just the awful VA drivers :)

I found a doctor. I have an appointment tomorrow.

I had a funny dream last night, about people from Davis finding my journal, and me trying to explain to my boss's boss why I didn't want him reading it. Not because of anything against him personally (we were friends before I got the job, so we have a personal relationship and not just a work relationship), but because I'd written stuff about work in a more candid way than I would if I were talking to him.

I also dreamed that I was graduating from high school again for some reason, and I didn't want to go through the graduation ceremony because I was pregnant, and it would look bad for a high school kid to be pregnant, even if I was 23, halfway through college, etc.

The idea of graduating from high school at 23 didn't seem to bother me at all.

I think I have issues.

Now I must get dressed so we can go find something to eat.
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I'm still alive. I've had somewhat limited online time/bandwidth/energy since getting here. If I owe you an email, lj comment or anything, I apologize. The situation should improve soon. I hope, anyways.

We got a black 1999 VW Jetta. It's neato. Now we're looking for someplace to live. We found some condos that look promising, assuming we can get a loan quick enough.

I'm also looking for a new doctor/midwife/hospital/birthing center/something.

And I desperately need to get my name on the PO box tomorrow, before any forwarded mail gets there.

Maybe everything will all get settled in time for me to have a week or two with nothing pressing to do before the baby comes.

Baby will be full term in one month. How bizarre. Both my brother and I were three weeks late, so I'm not counting on baby being here that early. I don't know what we'll do if she gets here early, before we're moved somewhere. Deal with it, I guess. That was our original plan, anyways - to have the baby in July, and then move sometime in August. I don't know why this seems any worse, especially since the worst part (boxing everything up) is all done.

People at work need to learn to read documentation. Every time they ask me a question that I can answer with a link to documentation (which is all clearly labeled on our doc website), I feel like ripping my hair out. It really makes me wonder why I bothered writing it in the first place.

I kind of wish I hadn't taken the 10% time deal. Then I'd be under no obligation to answer their questions. Except I would anyways, so I may as well get paid for it.

I want to be settled somewhere, with all our stuff (the non-clutter stuff, anyways) unpacked. This apartment is really nice. Probably much nicer than wherever we end up moving to. Especially the huge bathtub. But it isn't our space. Just a hotel, albeit a large and very well equipped one.

I'm afraid that by the time we find somewhere more permanent, I won't have the energy to unpack anything, and then the baby will be born, and two years later we'll find ourselves with everything still in boxes.

Of course, at that point we can just get rid of everything that's still boxed up, since we haven't needed it in two years.

Speaking of energy, I should get myself to sleep so that I can be awake before noon tomorrow.
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I am in Virginia. The flights went ok, though there were delays everywhere. Chicago was really annoying. Every time there was a lightning strike within 10 miles of the airport, we got delayed 15 minutes.

The cats survived, too. They are quite clingy now.

I got a 32/35 on that project :) I probably would have gotten 35/35 if I'd done the whole thing - I simply ran out of time on one segment. This means I got an A in the class. Yay!

All utilities except phone are cancelled. The phone service relies on DSL being cancelled first, and I just placed the order for that today. I'll call them back late today or tomorrow.

The first thing I noticed upon arriving in VA was that people smoke inside here. Really. I stepped off the plane, and smelled cigarettes. I will miss California in that respect.

Other than that, it seems nice. Very pretty, and not as hot as Davis has been. This is good. I was dying in Davis.

I forgot to shut off the AC before leaving, and the service won't be shut off till the 31st. Darn.
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I'm feeling better today. Silly hormones.

I'm trying to figure out the best way to pack everything. I have two large suitcases, two carry-ons, and a largeish laptop case. I don't think I need both large suitcases. Is it worth it to keep the old, awkward one? I could check one of the carry-ons in it's place. Or I could use both large suitcases, and pack one of the carry-ons (it folds up small).

I just don't know whether the suitcase is worth the hassle of bringing it along.

I guess I'll see how things pack. It's entirely possible that I'll need the extra room.

There's still the question of what is worth bringing. Is the cordless phone with the questionable battery worth it? A brand new bottle of shampoo that I found hiding under the sink (which, from past experience, will probably just end up spilling all over)? A 1lb bag of irregular jelly bellies? The cat food dishes?

If I bring the extra suitcase, I'll have room for whatever extra junk I want to take. Does that make it worth it?

Such a dilemma.

About 48 more hours and I'll be in Virginia. How strange.
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One thing I will not miss about Davis is the mosquitos.

I'm well aware that VA has mosquitos, quite likely in larger quantities than Davis. However, I've decided that I'm particularly allergic to Davis mosquitos. They tend to swell up like spider bites, and cause quite a bit of pain, including difficulty with moving if they're near joints. In fact, I'd assume they were spider bites, except that I've seen mosquitos bite me, and a spot develop in the same place the next day.

My theory was confirmed (or corroborated, anyways) this weekend, when my mom got a mosquito bite that swelled up much worse than usual.

She suggested eating more B6, but I'm hesitant to take any more vitamins on top of my prenatals. Plus, they taste nasty.
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My mom, stepfather, and brother visited from Friday until this morning. For the most part, it was a nice visit. It's amazing how much better my brother and I get along now that we're adults and not seeing eachother on a regular basis :)

I'm effectively done with work. I'm working 10% time telecommuting for the next month, but I never *have* to go back to the office. Except I'm going to, because I forgot to return my keys, and I think I left something there, and it's the only access I currently have to a printer.

This is relieving, largely because I no longer have to worry about getting enough sleep at night. I can wake and sleep when I need to. Well, except that I have a bunch of stuff that needs to be done during business hours on Tuesday. Oh well. Hopefully the lack of things that need to be done before then will let me rest up for it.

At this point, I'm going back and forth between physically feeling great, and feeling run over by a truck, with little in between. As long as I get enough rest and don't try to do too much, I'm fine. Unfortunately, when I'm feeling fine, I tend to overestimate what "too much" is :)

I'm feeling lonely. I don't have any particularly close friends in Davis anymore, a lack which I don't typically feel when [livejournal.com profile] koyote is around.

I think maybe I'll throw a "take away my unneeded stuff and help me clean" party on Tuesday evening.

The monstrosity desk is no more. Well, that isn't entirely true. It's simply been converted to a makeshift coffee table. When I moved in, the people helping me move took the door off the hinges and the molding off the door in order to get it into the bedroom. I decided to have my brother saw the legs off rather than go through all that again. It worked quite well, and I now have a legless desk sitting in my living room, waiting for transport to the trashcan.

I apparently have 1040 mp3s/ogg files on my hard drive, taking up 3.9GB of space. I just put them all in a playlist. Now I need to figure out how to get StarCalc to open it as a spreadsheet or something so that I can effectively edit and sort it. I think that will be a job for the plane, along with resizing/reorienting/sorting the babyshower pictures, some of which are, amazingly enough, not hideous.

I need to pack and figure out what bag everything needs to go in. I can't pack everything now, because I need to do laundry first, and I'd prefer to wait until Monday to do that. Actually, I'd prefer to wait till Tuesday, but I have enough else to do on Tuesday that it isn't really practical.

I need to figure out the best way to ship the disk array and the cheese wheel. Do I mail them, or pack them in my luggage? I think the cheese will be packed (not quite as bulky, not as sensitive to harsh treatment, and less likely to scare security people) and the disk array mailed.

This is getting silly. I'll go ahead and post now.
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Checklist of things to do before moving. Not of any real interest to anyone except me.
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I wish Monday wasn't a holiday. There's too much that has to be done Tuesday because I won't have any other opportunity to get stuff done during business hours.
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I just finished the take-home final for my English class. It mainly consisted of an essay. I have issues with essays. I think this one turned out pretty good, though.

Generally, once I've got a good start, it isn't that bad. Getting started is always difficult, though, as I've written on many previous occasions.

Now, hopefully she'll be nice enough to pass me despite the other essay I haven't written. I can't even remember what exactly it was supposed to be about.

I have another final tomorrow (actually, later today) in the online class. Need to finish two small assignments before then, but I'm not too concerned about that. I can probably do both within about half an hour. I'm actually more worried about how to get them printed, seeing as the computer I used to print from at work is now in use by someone. I got an extension on the big project, since this whole moving thing proved to be more overwhelming than I expected. I hate that. I had really hoped I could make it through this class without screwing up anything. I've had very few classes where I haven't had to beg for an extension on something or other, and it really kills any feeling of accomplishment that I get out of the class, even if my end grade is good.

I think it was necessary, though. Having the pressure of the big project due today, as well as the two finals and the other small projects, probably would have kept me from napping this afternoon (which I desperately needed) and overwhelmed me to the point of not being able to get any of it done. At least, with the extension, I can focus on the smaller hurdles first and finish something, even if the project itself never gets done (not that there's any reason I shouldn't be able to finish it, once everything else is done and I have a few minutes to myself).

I just realized I forgot to finish my participation in the discussion boards for this week. Oh well, it is only five points, and I'm five points away from the maximum as it is. I find it hard to care about my grade at this point. As long as I pass, it doesn't matter. And I should. With no further work at all, I have a 61%. If I get a 50 on the final (which is at least 15 points lower than I've gotten on the other two tests) and finish the two small assignments, I'll have a 78% even without the final project. So there's no reason I can't get an A or B with minimal further effort.

As for moving, everything except what I need/want for the next month or so is packed up and on its way to VA. The apartment looks empty. And dirty. The thought of cleaning it terrifies me, given how I felt after sorting stuff on Monday (basically, like I'd been run over by a truck). I think I will have to hire a friend of mine who does housecleaning. Except her vacuum is broken, and mine is rapidly heading eastward. Oh well, we'll work it out.

It's all so strange. One week from now, I'll have technically graduated (still need to send in the paperwork), I'll no longer have a job, and I'll be living in a different state. Two more months, and I'll have a baby. Too much change, in too short a time.

And Buffy is over. As silly and inconsequential as it seems, it ties in with this feeling of incomprehensible change.

I'm curious as to how long it will take before it all starts feeling real. At the moment I'm rather dissociated from it - it's all just an academic exercise in major life change, not something I'm actually experiencing.

And now I must sleep so I can at least pretend to function at work/class tomorrow.


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