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After I previously posted about my schedule for last semester, I had a realization. Not a good one. Humboldt requires a specific chemistry + a one unit organic chemistry class for the nursing program. I'd been thinking this was no huge deal... I've had chemistry, so retaking it kinda sucks (as far as I can tell it doesn't transfer), but it shouldn't be too strenuous anyways. But I'd entirely disregarded that 1 unit ochem class as a separate class, and I can only have two science classes in progress at the time of application for the nursing program... so I have to take Microbiology before transferring, too.

The Anatomy class+waitlist was filled by the time my registration appointment came around. I talked to the Anatomy professor, who said (in a much nicer way) "Too bad. Show up the first week of class if you want and take your chances. Complain to the Dean so that he might consider making more classes in the future." She also suggested trying the Marysville campus, or one of the other colleges that offers Anatomy as a separate course.

So I tried the Marysville campus, and got myself enrolled in Anatomy there, but I thought that there was no reasonable way for this to work out, until [livejournal.com profile] koyote pointed out that my housemate could take classes there instead of Sac City as she'd been thinking about. So... that may work out quite well.

I'm currently enrolled in Anatomy, Microbiology, Speech, History, and Nutrition. Nutrition is getting dropped probably as soon as housemate gets her schedule figured out and finalized because I have no reason to make myself insane by taking it. This will mean I'll have to take English during the summer... but that's fine.

Now I can go finish filling out my application! Yay!

(People have told me it's crazy to take both Anatomy and Microbiology at the same time. They're probably right, but shikata ga nai. Taking one during the summer is going to be similar crazy, as well as risking the chance that I won't get in.)

For my comments on the history class last week, I sent the professor some info about the LDS church that he seemed a little unclear on, and he seems happy to have a semi-knowledgable source to interrogate. This is a good thing, as, being an online/TV class, we never interact in person, and now he presumably sees me as someone with something to contribute rather than a random nobody, which is good when it comes to generosity on participation points and so forth, especially since I'll be taking the second half of the class from him next semester.
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I talked to [livejournal.com profile] koyote, and he thinks I should take classes this semester regardless of whether I get the class I need or not. So I'm registered. History, psychology, nutrition, and organic chemistry.

Ochem should be interesting, as it's taught by someone I know in a social context, which could be interesting. And the number of "interesting"s in that sentence might help convey my dubiousness about whether this is actually a good idea.

For my own reference (subject to editing):Read more... )
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We are giggling like 12 year olds at the medical education supply manual.

You would too. Think of a medical procedure, they have a "lifelike" model for it. Complete with detachable penises.

I don't know if I could be a medical student - I'd laugh too hard.
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Today I spent all day in a room with a midwife and 20+ future doulas. Not one commented on me being pregnant.

I was even wearing an official maternity shirt.

My body amuses me.
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Didn't sleep well last night. I know I slept some because I had a bunch of really bizarre dreams. Including Joss Whedon's new project - a Buffy/Firefly crossover/spinoff/prequel (for Firefly, that is), where Amber Benson stars as a vampire who kills reavers. Yeah.

The first day of babysitting went well, though. I feel almost guilty for getting paid, since it was, overall, more relaxing than the usual morning. The boys entertain themselves really well together. It almost makes me wish I'd had Irish twins, except I suspect that the playing really well together part won't last more than a few days before they start getting on eachother's nerves.

And now I am dead, except that Christof wants to go fly kites and I need to get over to the local Sac City extension office and see if they can reset my password so I can register.
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This morning, I was commenting with someone about Facebook's community college policy, including how American River College is one of the few local community colleges they allow.

Two hours later, entirely unrelated, I find myself enrolling at ARC. At the time I commented, I had no intention of doing any school-like thing any time soon, and certainly wouldn't have chosen ARC if I'd thought I was going to. Hmm.
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I've become a little obsessed with the idea of avocado as dessert. I don't actually really like avocados. Guacamole - yes, plain avocado - no. Many cultures swear by it though, so there must be something to it.

I made an avocado smoothie today, and it was alright. The texture was pretty amazing, but neither [livejournal.com profile] koyote or I could quite get past the flavor. He felt it really needed to be savory, with more salt. I wondered what it would have been like with a little added sweetener rather than just fruit (I threw in the last little bits of Leif's green juice, some kiwis, and some orange juice).

It may have been a little too much, though. I'm left feeling slightly nauseous. I'm not sure how much off that is psychological and how much is because avocados are rich.

I found a recipe for an avacado-lime pie which is supposedly indistinguishable from ordinary key lime pie. Interesting.

I'm similarly fascinated with the concept of eggplant as dessert, but have yet to try it, (and may not, as there is a lot less prior art). Baba ganoush seems made for dessertification, texturewise anyways.

I hope Leif wakes up soon so he'll sleep at a reasonable time tonight. He's been out for 3.5 hours now, and goes back to sleep every time he wakes briefly. Next time he gets up, perhaps I'll just drag him outside.

I'm not sure how I feel about LJ's new school directory function. I've added myself, but don't know if I'll leave myself there.
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Hurray! SCC finally accepted "Women and Social Action" as a women's studies class, so I get my degree! Yay!
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I have good news.

Sacramento City College is granting me a degree in "Business, Transfer".

I have even better news.

They are doing this despite the fact that I haven't taken any of the required courses, nor did I actually apply for such a degree,

They also chose to deny my Women's Studies degree due to not having enough units. Looking over the current catalog, I would guess that this is due to the removal of the statement that other courses with an emphasis on women could be substituted for the listed courses. One of my classes is not listed. If this is the case, I will have to beat them over the head with a 2003 catalog. That'll teach them to mess with a course entitled "Women and Social Action".

They mentioned nothing about the Social Sciences degree that I did apply for, so I will assume that they typoed "Social Sciences" as "Business, Transfer" until I have a chance to get better information.
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The weather has been so lovely the past few days. San Diego weather - in the mid 60's, possibly low 70's. If the weather stayed like this all the time, I think I'd love it here, even if the drivers are insane.

I find it amazing that a baby with three sets of chromosomes can survive past birth. Not long (from what I've read, 4 months is the longest), but still...

Sometimes I think I really need to get serious about my math and science and actually study this stuff. Genetic disorders have been my fascination for 10 years now. It's the only part of biology class in high school that I enjoyed. I read this stuff for fun.

Or I could just keep reading it for fun. Realistically, what am I going to do with a genetics degree? I should probably keep working on getting something, since some states require at least an undergrad degree for teaching homeschool. But I don't particularly feel like working in the field, just reading about it.

Yay, Leif figured out sippy cups! Until now he just chewed on the spout. Now he's figured out that if he sucks on it, water comes out.


Nov. 1st, 2003 11:37 pm
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I still haven't submitted that EC article. I need to rewrite the introduction so that it will catch the interest of male geeks who aren't parents, and who may have no real intention of ever being parents, as well as a few other minor changes. But I'm being lazy and procrastinating.

I have things I need to do for all three classes. I really need to finish all work I'm behind on before I leave for vacation, since the final due date is while I'm gone. That's not till the 20th, but time will fly.

[livejournal.com profile] koyote has me converted. Recumbant bicycles rock, even if people do look at you funny.

Every so often I realize how weird we are. This happened again today, as I stepped off the bike trail, where [livejournal.com profile] koyote waited with our stoller jam-packed full of groceries and a recumbant bicycle, to take my 4 month old baby to the bushes to pee.

I got sunburned today. In November. It was like 80 degrees. And it's snowing on the fires in the mountains.


It's odd running into people on LJ that you know, or at least know of, in real life. Especially in a context utterly unrelated to anything else we might have in common.

I upgraded to Panther the other day. The appearance changes irritate me somewhat, and I can't figure out how to switch it back. Not that I've tried all that hard.

Ginger People ginger peanut chews are good. They remind me of Thai food. Next person I know who gets pregnant gets a bag of Ginger People chews, though not peanut. Probably spicy apple.

I just realized I bought both ginger chews and gingerbread at Whole Foods today.

I gave in and ate two more of them. The person who first told me about these damn things warned me they were addictive.

I really must sew more. Writing stupid LJ entries like this and pining over things I don't have and probably will never get (at least not for Leif) is distracting me, though.

I should stop babbling, post this, and do something useful. Or sleep.
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My email was broken. I fixed it. This makes me feel good. Since I left work, I've been feeling less and less technically competent. Being able to track down and fix this problem assures me that I haven't managed to revert to a complete newbie over these past few months.

[livejournal.com profile] koyote is working on getting some servers going. I need to find some worthwhile project that I can do in order to learn stuff and keep my skills up. The problem is that it has to actually be something I feel like doing, otherwise I won't do it. I've got too many other things I'm not doing already.

I'm having a godawful time remembering due dates for my classes. I've decided just to keep up as best I can, but not stress about them. I'll do enough work to pass, but I'm not going to worry about doing assignments on time (or at all) if it isn't likely to make me fail.

I have another class that starts up on the 20th. Do I really want to stay in it? It's only one unit, and probably the class that will be most applicable to being a parent, but it's also the class that doesn't help me out a whole lot with the certificate program.

Uh oh, Leif just woke up.
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More Leif pictures will be posted within the next day or two.

I'm debating what to do about school this next semester (which starts the 18th). I had planned to take 4 units. Now I'm thinking about taking 7. The thing is, I don't have enough time to do much housework, but I have huge amounts of time where I'm tied to a chair with nothing to do. I've done more reading since Leif was born than I have in ages.

Of course, this may change as he gets older and more mobile.

Another consideration - if I take both classes, I'll have met the requirements for some certification in Early Childhood Education. Given that it will likely be more difficult for me to fake being a Californian after this semester, it might be a good idea for me to go ahead and get it out of the way.

I suppose I could always sign up for both classes, and then drop one if I need to. Also, the 1-unit class doesn't start till late October (and isn't needed for the certification), so it will be very easy to drop that if I need to.

Today Leif was fussy for no apparent reason, so we went for a walk on the wooded trail near our apartment. We saw two deer. The walk took a lot longer than I'd intended because we tried to go back a different way, and it turned out that the different way didn't actually lead back to the apartment. Oops. But it didn't get dark, and he didn't get fussy, so that was alright.

Exercise is good. I realized today that the pants I've been wearing are starting to seem a bit loose. Yay.

Now Leif's asleep. I should take advantage of this and go to sleep myself, and have [livejournal.com profile] koyote bring him in to me when he wakes up hungry.
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I haven't been updating as often as I should. I also haven't been responding much to comments and emails. I apologize for this. I just don't feel like it, for some reason :)

For those who don't read [livejournal.com profile] lemurbaby, we found an apartment, and are in the process of moving into it. It's pretty great, considering that we had to find something on very short notice. Very good location. Now we're in the process of getting new stuff (king sized bed, whoo!) and figuring out what of our old stuff to keep and what to get rid of.

We've developed a slow field. Anything we have to order will take longer than expected. This started with my order from gap.com. I placed an order on May 22. It hasn't shipped yet. I want to cancel it, since it barely seems worth it to spend that much on clothing for the time remaining, but I want the clothes, especially the bathing suit, and it's entirely possible I'll end up not having the baby till sometime in August.

Besides, every time I call to check on the status, they give me some additional discount or something.

Every order we've placed since has gone similarly, and it extends to real life too, to some extent. Or perhaps that's just the awful VA drivers :)

I found a doctor. I have an appointment tomorrow.

I had a funny dream last night, about people from Davis finding my journal, and me trying to explain to my boss's boss why I didn't want him reading it. Not because of anything against him personally (we were friends before I got the job, so we have a personal relationship and not just a work relationship), but because I'd written stuff about work in a more candid way than I would if I were talking to him.

I also dreamed that I was graduating from high school again for some reason, and I didn't want to go through the graduation ceremony because I was pregnant, and it would look bad for a high school kid to be pregnant, even if I was 23, halfway through college, etc.

The idea of graduating from high school at 23 didn't seem to bother me at all.

I think I have issues.

Now I must get dressed so we can go find something to eat.
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I feel like being the last to do the latest meme, as usual. Interview me! (Ask me any five questions, more or less). Like [livejournal.com profile] sinboy, I don't do well with "What is your favorite" type questions - I tend not to have any one favorite of anything. Or even a short list of favorites.

My online time is limited due to ISP lameness. We signed up under the impression that dialup time was unlimited. It's actually 150 hours per month. I'm not sure how much we actually have left, given that we somehow managed to use 171 hours in the first 5 days. I'm pondering which scientific institute I should report this to.

I got all A's this semester, though I expect at least one of them was the teacher feeling sorry for me.

We spent the day in DC with [livejournal.com profile] silkensteel and family. It was rather exhausting. It's nice to be in the area - we can go back whenever and take a closer look at the Smithsonians, rather than trying to see as much as possible in one day, as I've done every time I've been there so far. I sound like I'm complaining. I'm not. It was fun. Just tiring.
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I am in Virginia. The flights went ok, though there were delays everywhere. Chicago was really annoying. Every time there was a lightning strike within 10 miles of the airport, we got delayed 15 minutes.

The cats survived, too. They are quite clingy now.

I got a 32/35 on that project :) I probably would have gotten 35/35 if I'd done the whole thing - I simply ran out of time on one segment. This means I got an A in the class. Yay!

All utilities except phone are cancelled. The phone service relies on DSL being cancelled first, and I just placed the order for that today. I'll call them back late today or tomorrow.

The first thing I noticed upon arriving in VA was that people smoke inside here. Really. I stepped off the plane, and smelled cigarettes. I will miss California in that respect.

Other than that, it seems nice. Very pretty, and not as hot as Davis has been. This is good. I was dying in Davis.

I forgot to shut off the AC before leaving, and the service won't be shut off till the 31st. Darn.
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I just finished the take-home final for my English class. It mainly consisted of an essay. I have issues with essays. I think this one turned out pretty good, though.

Generally, once I've got a good start, it isn't that bad. Getting started is always difficult, though, as I've written on many previous occasions.

Now, hopefully she'll be nice enough to pass me despite the other essay I haven't written. I can't even remember what exactly it was supposed to be about.

I have another final tomorrow (actually, later today) in the online class. Need to finish two small assignments before then, but I'm not too concerned about that. I can probably do both within about half an hour. I'm actually more worried about how to get them printed, seeing as the computer I used to print from at work is now in use by someone. I got an extension on the big project, since this whole moving thing proved to be more overwhelming than I expected. I hate that. I had really hoped I could make it through this class without screwing up anything. I've had very few classes where I haven't had to beg for an extension on something or other, and it really kills any feeling of accomplishment that I get out of the class, even if my end grade is good.

I think it was necessary, though. Having the pressure of the big project due today, as well as the two finals and the other small projects, probably would have kept me from napping this afternoon (which I desperately needed) and overwhelmed me to the point of not being able to get any of it done. At least, with the extension, I can focus on the smaller hurdles first and finish something, even if the project itself never gets done (not that there's any reason I shouldn't be able to finish it, once everything else is done and I have a few minutes to myself).

I just realized I forgot to finish my participation in the discussion boards for this week. Oh well, it is only five points, and I'm five points away from the maximum as it is. I find it hard to care about my grade at this point. As long as I pass, it doesn't matter. And I should. With no further work at all, I have a 61%. If I get a 50 on the final (which is at least 15 points lower than I've gotten on the other two tests) and finish the two small assignments, I'll have a 78% even without the final project. So there's no reason I can't get an A or B with minimal further effort.

As for moving, everything except what I need/want for the next month or so is packed up and on its way to VA. The apartment looks empty. And dirty. The thought of cleaning it terrifies me, given how I felt after sorting stuff on Monday (basically, like I'd been run over by a truck). I think I will have to hire a friend of mine who does housecleaning. Except her vacuum is broken, and mine is rapidly heading eastward. Oh well, we'll work it out.

It's all so strange. One week from now, I'll have technically graduated (still need to send in the paperwork), I'll no longer have a job, and I'll be living in a different state. Two more months, and I'll have a baby. Too much change, in too short a time.

And Buffy is over. As silly and inconsequential as it seems, it ties in with this feeling of incomprehensible change.

I'm curious as to how long it will take before it all starts feeling real. At the moment I'm rather dissociated from it - it's all just an academic exercise in major life change, not something I'm actually experiencing.

And now I must sleep so I can at least pretend to function at work/class tomorrow.
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The following is one of the discussion questions that has been posted for the past two weeks for my online class:

What was your reaction to Thompson's brief interview with Andrea Smith?? What did you think of Smith's statement about the adoption of Indian spitball practices being a "racist phenomenon"??

Someone posted asking what the Indian spitball practices were, since they hadn't been mentioned in the lecture.

The instructor checked, and posted this response:

I am admitting this reluctantly and as proof positive to never rely upon spellcheck!! (and also that everyone is capable of both error and embarassment)

"spitball" should have been "spiritual".

Wow am I embarassed!!

*giggle* I found this especially amusing since I've been wondering what Indian spitball practices were for the past two weeks.


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