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2010-09-28 08:16 pm

Gilly pigs and such

A month or so ago, McDonald's had Littlest Pet Shop toys as the girl toy in the happy meals. I'm not certain exactly what these things are supposed to be. Armadillos in handbags is our best guess, but possibly Mexican Hairless dogs. Or chihauhaus with skin conditions.

Astrid loved them, and called them gilly pigs. When asked why, she said "Because they have bobbleheads." as if it were the most obvious answer in the world (which, for those not familiar with LPS, they do).

Not that we want to encourage either a McDonald's or LPS addiction, but it's just so freaking adorable that eventually she ended up with another gilly pig.

Today is her 4th birthday, and [livejournal.com profile] koyote went a bit ebay nuts and got her a ton of gilly pigs, and their associated houses and accessories. She is in gilly pig heaven. Thankfully, she is willing to accept cats and dogs and sheep and who knows what else as "gilly pigs" right along with the ugly armadillos.

She's so fun. I'll get pictures posted soon.