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I'm currently trying to find a tent campsite for either tonight (preferable) or tomorrow night (if necessary) within about 50 miles of Santa Cruz.

The state park website is utterly unhelpful - it says that there are no spaces available at any of the campsites. This is not implausible - it's graduation time and the beginning of summer vacation. On the other hand, it's possible that there are plenty of open spots, but they're marked as unavailable because of the short notice.

The KOA has openings tomorrow, but that's $56 a night - we may as well just find a hotel.

Anyone in the area (or not, for that matter) know whether the state campgrounds are likely to truly full and/or know of any private campgrounds that don't charge an arm and a leg?
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Ok, dramarific friends list cut of the year is done. I think I dropped like three people. Lots of communities, though.

If you think I dropped you by mistake (probably because of LJ's stupid friend management interface), tell me.
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In case you missed it the first time - please fill out my poll here if you haven't already.

Just to clarify - I'm not going to drop anyone who answers the poll. I'm not going to drop anyone whose journal I enjoy reading on a regular basis, whether they answer the poll or not. I'm not dropping people just because they post infrequently (my goal is to decrease the amount I have to read - what would be the point in dropping people who don't post much?) or because they don't comment often (there are many journals I enjoy reading, but where I rarely, if ever, comment). This is mainly aimed at weeding out a few people with huge friends list who post frequently, I don't have much in common with, and who I seriously suspect aren't reading this anyways.

I mean really... there are 13 (out of 114) people on the cut list at this point, 5 of whom don't have me friended back to begin with. I just want to make sure I'm not misjudging any of their interest before risking hurting feelings.

I feel so dramarific even posting stuff like this. Blah.
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I never do this, but I'll likely have less frequent internet access in a few days, and my list is already unmanageable if I'm not checking it regularly...

[Poll #699856]

If you honestly don't care whether I remove you or not, just don't fill out the poll. I may remove you or I may not.

I'll probably just end up removing a handful of high-volume posters who I expect aren't actually reading me anyways - the poll is primarily so I don't cut these people if they're reading regularly and just don't comment much.
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For those more knowledgable about transexual issues than I am...

Someone in one of my communities posted a question about a FTM transexual, using the gender inclusive ze/zir .

It seem to me that, in this case, the gender inclusive language is for the benefit of those who feel the need to distinguish between the person in question and a biological male. He identifies as male - why the need to introduce ambiguity? On the other hand, the question does deal specifically with biological sex vs. chosen gender identity. I also don't know the feelings of the person in question. Maybe he/ze prefers the gender inclusive pronouns.
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For those of you who are parents in Davis...

I made the community [livejournal.com profile] davisparents.

Join, so I don't feel like a dumbass sitting there in a community by myself.
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To everyone on my Friends list.

I like you. That is why you're on my list. Even when you whine, complain, are depressed, or otherwise express discontent, for legitimate or illegitimate reasons. Do not feel you need to apologize for being something other than sweetness and light at all times. In fact, if you were sweetness and light all the time, you'd probably irritate me.

Yes, this includes you.
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I'm in the process of importing my old k5 diary entries into LJ. If you notice any random weird entries from me popping up, just ignore them. I probably forgot to backdate them, and will go back and do it later.
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I'm putting together a mailing list for baby announcements. If you'd like to be on it, please leave a comment here.
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Dear people related to me,

If you've managed to track down this journal, congratulations. I'm impressed, especially if you managed to track it down after about 1:20PM 3/4/2003 without being told the address by someone else.

I really didn't intend this journal to be for family. If you want to read it, I guess I can't really stop you (well, I can, but I'd rather not do that), but please recognize that you are not the intended audience, and that I may say things here that I would not normally say to people in my family.

Also, please don't pass the address, or anything said in here, on to anyone else without asking first.

Not that I don't love you all, I just didn't really intend for family to be reading this.


Anyways... I'm feeling better today. I think I was just overly tired last night.
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[livejournal.com profile] theducks said "Friends reproducing. Scary.".

And he didn't even know about me yet... >:)

Yes, [livejournal.com profile] koyote and I are spawning. LemurBaby, as the fetus has been dubbed by [livejournal.com profile] femakita, should be arriving around July 23.

(Note: Personal questions asked here are likely to be deleted and responses emailed if I think they are needed, so if you have a personal question, just email it :)


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