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No, I'm not really planning to give the baby up for adoption. For one thing, I think [livejournal.com profile] koyote would have something to say about that. I wrote that about 10 minutes after I found Gweny, and the thought of being responsible for an actual human being, of the possibility of one day coming in and finding the baby dead like that, was too much. It still is, but I'm feeling a little more detached now.

Poor rattie babies.

Rattie pictures. The pictures of Gweny were taken last night, the ones of Tilda a few days before she died. And a few cat pictures, too.
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Gwendolyn rattie died.

I think I need to give the baby up for adoption.
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Our rattie baby, Matilda, died tonight.

As [livejournal.com profile] koyote and I have posted before, she was sick. But she was doing so much better. She was happy, and had a good appetite, and was exploring and climbing in her cage. And then I came in to feed her and she was dead.

Poor rattie girl.

I do not like reminders of mortality while pregnant.

I'm not sure what we're going to do about Gwendolyn now. She's seemed lonely and depressed since we took Tilda out of the cage. So we have to get more ratties to keep her company, but I do not want to take on the responsibility of more rats right now. But if we don't, I'm afraid she's just going to waste away. She's already not really eating, though she shows no signs of the respiratory infection that Tilda had (and the vet agrees with this).

Ugh. I think I'm going to watch Totoro or something. I can't deal with any more tonight, and things keep getting worse.

This time of year seems to do that for me.
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Picnic Day, the most obnoxious day/weekend of the year in Davis, has officially started. I ran into someone from high school that I didn't have any particular interest in seeing (Bo what's his name, who was in my class, for those who went to CHS). (This seems to happen every year)

I've been kind of annoyed since Wednesday, when the teacher of my self-hypnosis class, after asking how far along I was, stated "Wow, but you don't look pregnant!" And then on the bus yesterday, I was one person away from not being able to get a seat, and really afraid that I'd either have to stand or try to explain to one of the seated people that I really am entitled to one of the handicapped seats. I'm ready to look pregnant.

Except suddenly now I'm glad I don't. I don't particularly feel like looking pregnant around random excessivly popular people from high school. Go figure.

(Why does their opinion bother me in the slightest at this point?)

The downside of not showing yet is that I undoubtedly just look fat.

Speaking of baby, [livejournal.com profile] lemurbaby update will be posted today, if it hasn't been already.

Another odd thing about that particular encounter - I actually recognized him. This is terribly odd. I'm bad at facial recognition - I sometimes don't recognize people I see on a regular basis. Bo is a very generic looking Southern California guy who I have not seen in 5 years or so. Yet I recognized him. I didn't say anything, since he was so far out of context that I just figured it was someone who looked similar to him. But then his dad (his parents were with him) recognized me somehow. Odd.

A similar thing happened last weekend. I recognized Oz from Buffy (aka Seth Green) in a preview for a new movie, even though he was on screen for about a quarter of a second total. My facial recognition problems must be selective somehow.

The weather is confused. Right now, it's sunny and warm. Tomorrow another storm is coming through, and it's supposedly going to be chilly and rainy all next week. Yuck. However, I am happy that it is supposed to rain tomorrow. Haha to the Picnic Day people!

Matilda the rattie is doing better, after a lice treatment, antibiotics for an upper respiratory infection, and several injections of water for dehydration. She's still pretty sick, but is now grumpy instead of apathetic, and she seems to be regaining some motor control. This is good - my main worry was that she'd get over the acute sickness, but remain too motor-dysfunctional to really have any sort of life quality. It could still happen - she still can't really eat on her own - but improvement is a good sign.

I had entirely too much fun this afternoon manipulating data in an excel spreadsheet. This disturbs me - it's not something I'd imagine being fun, but it was. I'm sure that this points to some sort of potential career possibility that I've never considered before.
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Poor Matilda, the rattie, isn't doing very well. I'm not sure what's wrong. I'm thinking perhaps she had a stroke, since she seems largely unaware of her left paw when not paying attention to it, and seems to be having some difficulties getting around.

I gave her some yogurt, peanut butter, and wet cat food (in separate piles, not all mixed together), since she seems to be having some trouble eating due to not being able to properly hold anything, and she was in heaven. With the peanut butter and yogurt, anyways - I haven't seen her touch the cat food. I don't think I've ever seen her so happy to eat anything. It's created a terrible mess, especially since she has stuff all over her left paw and doesn't really notice, but that's easy enough to fix. I think Gwendolyn is jealous - she was in the other cage, and kept sniffing around for the food, but she eats just fine on her own.

I hate having rats. I like the rats themselves, but they're unobtrusive enough that they don't get nearly enough attention, cage cleaning, etc. Fish and plants are bad for the same reason. On the good side, it seems to be an upward progression. The rats are doing better than the fish did, and the cats, who have much more ability to make their needs known, are pretty darn happy and healthy considering their pre-existing health conditions, so presumably the baby will do just great.

But really, the only thing that keeps me from feeling entirely guilty about the rats is that if we hadn't got them, they most likely would have suffered a torturous death by snake long ago, as that is the most common usage for non-fancy (ie. cheap) rats.

The cats are horribly gassy and stinky. I think we need to get back in the habit of nightly wet food, even if it is expensive and annoying.

One of the cats threw up a few minutes ago. As I was trying to call him out from under the table to get him outside and figuring out how to clean it up given that we'd just run out of paper towels, one of the other cats came up and started eating the vomit!

Yuck. I've seen cats do that with their own vomit before, but not with someone else's.

I got them both outside, and ended up using toilet paper. He was nice enough to vomit partially onto a pile of napkins to begin with, so it wasn't that bad.

Now I must read the second half of Jane Eyre before tomorrow. Why did I start another book (actually, several others) while reading this, knowing that I have a deadline and the other books can wait? I don't know. Something to do with wanting/needing mindless brain candy.

The problem is that if I read, I'll most likely fall asleep within 20 pages, and I have a lot more than 20 pages to read. I suppose I could always read till I fall asleep, and then, when I can't sleep tonight because I took a late nap, I can read some more.
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Matilda is so darn cute. When I go to give them treats, she climbs the bars of the cage in excitement. It's not like she needs to - I'll give her the treat even if she doesn't. She just feels like it for some reason.

Cute ratties.


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