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Watching fireworks was a lot of fun tonight. The fireworks themselves weren't that exciting, but we saw lots of dolphins while waiting for them! A pod was swimming around just off the pier, presumably attracted by all the boats.

We saw some this morning, too, at Silver Strand State Beach.

I lived in Coronado for 18 years and saw dolphins only 2 or 3 times, and never in the bay. Now twice in one day!

Leif had a great time flirting with everyone and petting doggies while waiting for the fireworks, but fell asleep before the big event.

We took Leif to the beach for the first time today. He loved standing in the water and watching the dogs play at Dog Beach.

Due to confusion about where exactly we were going, I didn't wear sandals to the beach, so I ended up walking home barefoot. My feet are now quite sore, though I'm not sure whether this is due more to walking barefoot home from the beach or the godawful imitation Converse I wore on the way too the beach.

We got Leif a little UV protective suit, which I wish we'd found before we went to the beach, but oh well.

Tomorrow we head back to the mountains (and no broadband) after the parade clears out. I think we'd all rather stay in Coronado a bit longer, but we're not packed for a longer trip.

At least we'll be able to tie up the phone line without guilt, since my mom and stepdad won't be around to miss calls.


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