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Random information gathering. Feel free to answer if you're not on my friends list, if you stumble upon this post at some point in the distant future, or repost if you happen to share my curiosity.

My town has a Civil Defense siren that goes off every day at noon. A friend and I were at the park with our kids the other day when it went off, and it led us to discuss our childhood experiences with such things.

She went to grade school in Texas, where apparently they had nuclear war-style duck and cover drills. And Civil Defense sirens.

I went to grade school in California. We had earthquake drills, which really amount to the same thing. No Civil Defense sirens, at least not that I ever heard.

Now, this friend and I happen to be born within 24 hours of eachother, and both started school in the mid-80s, so we're talking purely geographical difference, not generational.

So, the questions - Growing up, did your school have some sort of drill that involved ducking and covering? What was it called? Where and when was this? Did (or do you still) you have Civil Defense sirens? What are they used for (I know much of the US uses them for tornados)? How do your local schools address duck and cover drills today?
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