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I've finally got around to uploading some pictures, which can be found at http://www.foolishwisdom.net/~leif. There aren't too many, since our camera was broken for a few months.
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Reply to this entry by posting a picture of yourself in the comments, then post this sentence in your own journal (if you want to).
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I've been going through iPhoto all evening, getting pictures posted, organizing, and so forth.

I have 4043 pictures, taking up over 4GB of disk space. Probably well over 3000 of these are of Leif.

My eventual goal is to take the best pictures, stick them into a PDF, upload them to Lulu, and then order printed copies for myself and as family Christmas presents. In theory, it should actually be cheaper than regular scrapbooking. I just have to actually get around to doing it.

I also need to go through and delete blurry shots, very similar shots of the same pose, and so forth.

The only problem is that this task gets more daunting with each picture we take.

I just get nervous about having all our pictures digital, even though intellectually I know that it's a lot safer than having only hardcopies. I mean, with under an hour's effort (and most of that devoted to learning how to work our DVD burner) and $10, I can send backup copies of the entire collection to multiple locations anywhere in the world. I have backups through February in multiple places already (actually, it's possible they all ended up here during the move. Must remedy that). But I'd still feel better having some printed copies anyways.

Leif fell asleep at 5:30PM today, and has basically been out since. He wasn't willing to stay awake another moment longer. I really hope that by some miracle he's able to sleep until a semi-reasonable hour. 6:30AM would be tolerable - I've been waking up around then anyways. I can always hope.

It's always weird listening to music you haven't bothered listening to in ages and suddenly having a very vivid flashback to another time listening to it. In this case, the DC Undernet Opermeet in 1999. How random. (Even stranger, I'm not 100% sure I even had this particular CD along on that trip.)
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By popular request, I have uploaded new pictures to http://www.ansible.org/~jess/leif/. Enjoy!
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The climbing trick:

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Short update - we're staying in Marina Del Rey after all. A slip opened up and we heard about it quick enough to get it. I should have regular internet access soon - there's a wireless provider nearby, though my lame antenna isn't strong enough to pick it up on the boat, so we need to get some sort of external antenna set up.

More new pictures posted at http://www.ansible.org/~jess/leif/.

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Pictures of Leif up through August are posted at http://www.ansible.org/~jess/leif/. "National Zoo" is the first new set of pictures.

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New Leif update and pictures have been posted.
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Leif Update
Leif Pictures

Leif has been terribly fussy lately. He's fussing whenever he's not nursing or sleeping, unless one of us (preferably [livejournal.com profile] koyote, he's on a daddy kick lately) is carrying him around. We've been doing a lot of dancing around and singing to Broadway musicals since there isn't a whole lot else to do in this tiny apartment while standing.

It struck me today that perhaps Miss Saigon is not the best choice. Nothing better than singing about prostitution, war, and swear words to your 9 month old. It reminds me of when my high school drama club went to LA to see it. The front row was filled with nuns.

I miss theater. Perhaps someday I'll do it again. Not that I have any inclination (or talent) to become a professional, but there's community theater pretty much everywhere.

Leif and I shared a banana for dinner today after he refused to eat my avacado concoction. It was a perfect banana, still slightly green, without any spots. They're not quite so sticky sweet that way.

Then Leif threw it all up again. Maybe he's having a vaccine reaction, maybe we're both getting sick again. Wouldn't surprise me either way - I'm feeling rather dead myself.
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We finally got around to taking movies with our digital camera.

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I put up more pictures here.

In addition to posting the pictures, I made Thai coconut ice cream today because I was bored and happened to have coconut milk laying around. I even used rose water.

It turned out well. The texture was off (half melted, half frozen) because our ice cream maker isn't the best. It needs sweetener, unless you're into non-sweet ice cream, but you don't need much for it to taste good.

It's good on its own (well, with a bit of added sweetener), but absolutely wonderful with chocolate syrup drizzled over it. The chocolate sauce might even be enough sweetener in itself. Part of the reason it was so yummy was the contrast between sweet and non-sweet. 6fcv <---that's what Leif adds.

I also edited my homepage (whoo, big change) for the first time in forever.

Yesterday I cleaned because I was bored (and because the apartment was a mess).

It is quite boring when it's too rainy and icy to go out.

Next week is supposed to be a bit nicer. Highs above freezing on a regular basis, and no precipitation. This is sort of too bad. If it continued to be yucky, I'd probably get around to making diaper covers. I have some wool I'd like to try out, and I'd like to make some non-waterproof covers to hold a prefold in place once Leif gets too big/mobile for just a snappi. We have some interesting fish-print purple flannel that would be good for that.

I need snaps or something, though. Most cloth diapers and covers I've seen use plastic snaps. I have some metal snaps. I'm not sure if there is a skin sensitivity or other reason not to use them.

I don't think I have elastic, either, which might or might not be useful.
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Merry Christmas!

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Oooh...new Harry Potter trailer here.

Yes yes [livejournal.com profile] tarie, I know I'm way behind the times.

I'm curious as to what it will be like with the new director. If I remember right, the first two stuck pretty faithfully to the book - leaving things out due to length, but not adding anything in. I don't recall them sing-quoting Macbeth in the third book.

I have a copy of "Prisoner" in Spanish, which I really need to read. However, my Spanish is bad enough at this point that I need to look up about every other word. I need to find an electronic translator.

It's terribly windy outside.

Paid users now get 15 userpics! Yay! Baby cuteness will soon appear!
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I posted more pictures at http://www.ansible.org/~jess/leif/! (And an updated posted at [livejournal.com profile] lemurbaby)

Here's the finished lemurbaby costume :)

I know he looks like a deer caught in the headlights. I'll get better pictures on Halloween. I think I'm still going to make some sort of foot covering, too.


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