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I want to find a source of cheap Thomas/Brio/etc. compatible trains that don't come with track pieces. We have more track pieces than we know what to do with, but the trains themselves are expensive and get lost too easily.

IKEA apparently has a $5.00 four-piece set, but they're very uniformly painted, just plain ugly, and only available in stores. I'll probably end up stocking up on them as filler-trains anyways when I get the chance.

I should find out what the plain trains at the local toy store cost. They have some other surprisingly cheap train stuff, so perhaps they are affordable. Better yet, I'd like to find out who they order from :)

If I could find a cheap source of basic non-buttugly trains, I'd start working on my evil Christmas money-making scheme. Also, blue and green fabric, like the print you'd find on top of a train table, either with or without pre-printed tracks.
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I had a strange dream last night. I was on a train, talking to this guy I used to know, and he got really upset, turned into a human-shaped pecan log, and scattered everywhere. Then the conductor got mad because she thought we'd thrown pecans at her, and made me pick them up.

I blame [livejournal.com profile] femakita, who mentioned pecan logs the other day.

In another dream, Giles, some other random people (no Buffy people that I know of), and I were hiding from Secret Service people in various abandoned places in Coronado. Not places that are currently abandoned - they were just abandoned in the dream.

These dreams would be somewhat more entertaining if they weren't so panic-inducing (don't ask me why, but they were).

I've noticed that if my dreams have a distinct setting, it's still usually Coronado, even though I haven't lived there on any sort of regular basis since 1998. Occasionally, it'll be a mix of Coronado and elsewhere (I start out in Davis, but end up walking through Coronado High School, or at the beach, or something like that). I'm curious as to what this means - is it just that I spent the majority of my life there?
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An update on Wednesday - Friday.
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Got my teeth fixed today. It's amazing (and somewhat silly) how much better I feel about my appearance now.

A while back (8 years ago or so) I got two of my teeth capped because they were malformed. Either they did a bad job, or they just wore out over time, because they started leaking. This led to a cavity right on the front of one of my front teeth. I don't know if anyone actually noticed it - I mentioned this to a friend who sees me on a regular basis, and he didn't know what I was talking about. But I knew it was there, and it bugged me.

And now it's fixed! Yay!

The dentist suggests that I look into getting orthodontic work done. When I mentioned this to my mother, she said that our dentist when I was a kid brought it up, but I hadn't wanted braces. WTF. That isn't a decision that you leave up to the kid. No kid in their right mind wants braces. I guess I'll look into it, at least. The prospect won't get more appealing as I get older, and for the next year or so, I'm likely to be able to get double, or even triple, insurance coverage.

Lately I've taken to staying downtown in the evening if I've been working on campus. Not really doing much of anything - just sitting around and getting something to eat/drink and reading. To Kill A Mockingbird currently, which I've read about 8097389707 times before (as has just about everyone who went to high school in the US). Picked it up on Sunday because I needed something to read on the bus on the way back from the mall, and Target has a rather poor book selection.

Anyways, I've been sitting around in the new little grassy area by the train station, reading and watching the trains. I'm like a four year old when it comes to trains - watching them fascinates me, especially the big old freight trains which go on for miles and shake the ground like an earthquake as they pass.

In the roundabout area outside the train station, they have this...um...art thingy. It consists of a bunch of tall square poles surrounded by trees. Usually they're just white and boring looking, but at some point in the late afternoon/evening they begin reflecting colors - shades of pink, green, and blue. It's lovely.

The train station also has these little red bugs with black wingy things (they looked like wings, but I never saw any flying around. Vestigial wings, perhaps?). It seems to be mating season for them, because I saw a whole bunch of pairs of them, stuck together back to back. The bigger of the two would drag the smaller one around, and every so often the smaller one would manage to get itself turned around and hump the larger one for a while. Then it would go back to being dragged around. What a life, eh?

Between the trains, the rainbow poles, and the copulating insects, it's hard to know what to look at.


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